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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Barbacoa Items at Taco Bell

Barbacoa items at Taco Bell

Taco Bell seems to be continuing their trend of adding more "authentic" items to their menu or at least items that have some sort of semblance to "authentic" Mexican food items. Whether they should try to or not is a different matter. Some will say, "Hey, let them give it a shot," while others will say, "Taco Bell makes plastic, mass-produced food that can hardly pass as 'Mexican' and they should stay that way and not even attempt to pass themselves off as an authentic taqueria."

As for me, I don't really care. I currently live near a Taco Bell that experiments with test items so I tend to give each one a try. Some items end up making it to every Taco Bell while some are a flash in the pan that I see once and never see anywhere again (i.e., the "International Tacos," the "Doritos Tacos," etc.). Their newest attempt is a line of barbacoa items, a food which itself has Caribbean origins. You can get a barbacoa soft taco, quesadilla, or burrito. I tried the quesadilla and it did have a smoky, tangy flavor to it and very tender shredded beef, although the cheese inside was hardly melted. Just don't call it "barracuda" if you order it. I actually heard somebody ask for a "barracuda burrito" at Chipotle before.

Barbacoa Quesadilla from Taco Bell

As with their Cantina Tacos I wouldn't say to get these when you're able to get better Mexican food elsewhere. But if you're hungry and a Taco Bell is the closest place to eat be aware that there's some new options out there . . . at some Taco Bells . . . and maybe for a limited time only.

UPDATE (April 4, 2011): Here's the new poster they are using for these items:


Friday, September 17, 2010

Chronic Tacos Now Open at Westcliff Plaza


Newport Beach, California, September 17, 2010 – Chronic Tacos, a Newport Beach favorite since 2002, has opened at Westcliff Plaza in Newport Beach. The casual restaurant offers fresh, made-to-order Mexican food from authentic, third generation recipes.

The restaurant strives to be an active community partner, and participated in the Annual July 4th Celebration at Mariners Park, and plans to get involved in many other local events to give back to the Newport Beach. "Newport Beach is where Chronic Tacos was born. We love this place and plan on playing a bigger part in the local scene. Don't be surprised if you see us at your next event!" stated Mike Gleich, President of Chronic Tacos.

Chronic Tacos prides itself on serving a full menu of great tasting taqueria style Mexican food in a restaurant that has its own unique style. "It's definitely not your corporate Taco Shop. The restaurant will have many large screen TVs, colorful custom artwork, music and a local Newport staff that will make you feel right at home. The portions are big but the prices are small, added Gleich.

Chronic Tacos offers custom made tacos with the option of flour, corn or wheat tortillas, and a selection of meats, fish or shrimp, veggies and salsa. The menu also features burritos, tostadas, taquitos, enchiladas and other items, along with guacamole made fresh daily. The restaurant will also serve breakfast daily.

This is the second Chronic Tacos in Newport Beach. There are more than 30 locations in four states.

The new Chronic Tacos is located in Westcliff Plaza at 1120 Irvine Ave. off Seventeeth, in Newport Beach, and can be reached at (949) 645-8226 (TACO). For more information, please visit

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Friday, September 03, 2010

Sancho's Tacos

Sancho's Tacos
602 Pacific Coast Hwy
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(714) 536-8226

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There's always restaurants opening up in Orange County and I have found I can't keep up with all the openings. Sancho's opened up several months ago and I heard a lot about it and had numerous people recommending it. It is right across from the beach in Huntington Beach, not far from Main St. (and I think it is in or near where there was an old surfboard shop), and I heard they even gave out free tacos at the recent US Open surfing tournament. Their tacos are unique in that the tortillas they use are somewhere between soft and crisp and they are served open-faced with your choice of meat (steak, chicken, carnitas, or mahi mahi; or a vegetarian option with artichoke, mushrooms and spinach) and a zig-zag of sour cream. Burritos come with pretty much the same fillings. They also have huge, loaded up (and "sawed-off") breakfast burritos that they serve until noon for people like me who aren't morning people.







Sawed-off Burrito from Sancho's Tacos


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