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Monday, December 24, 2012

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

It's the last day before Christmas. Is all your shopping done? Do you need to get anything at the last minute but just can't fit extra shopping into your schedule today? Here's a few things you can order online today for anyone on your list who is awesome enough to be a Mexican food lover. Just click on any image to be taken to its online order form:

Description: This magazine marries authentic Mexican cuisine with the practicality of weeknight necessity. The recipes are easy, quick, convenient, and make-ahead. For Mexican food-lovers, this magazine is filled with familiar tastes and unexpected delights.

I actually have this issue and will probably order the one above soon. It's a good beginning primer on Mexican cooking and food knowledge.

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Yep, this is Gustavo Arellano's book. From Amazon's description: "When salsa overtook ketchup as this country's favorite condiment in the 1990s, America's century-long love affair with Mexican food reached yet another milestone. In seemingly every decade since the 1880s, America has tried new food trends from south of the border—chili, tamales, tacos, enchiladas, tequila, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, and so many more—loved them, and demanded the next great thing. As a result, Mexican food dominates American palates to the tune of billions of dollars in sales per year, from canned refried beans to frozen margaritas and ballpark nachos. It's a little-known history, one that's crept up on this country like your Mexican neighbors—and left us better for it."

I can also vouch for this cookbook. You might think that coming from Williams-Sonoma that it'd be too hoity-toity, but it's not. It does a great job of covering many authentic, regional specialties from all around Mexico and explaining the differences between the regions. And, hey, it just looks great.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Mexican Restaurants Open Christmas Day 2013


Here's the places in Orange County, CA, that I know of that will be open on Christmas Day 2013. Not all of them are Mexican. If you are planning on going to any of them it doesn't hurt to contact them ahead of time, because even if they are open they may be too full to seat more:
Tortilla Jo's - Logo

Leave a comment if you know of other places that will be open. Anything listed below here was confirmed in those years and may still be true for the current year but they just haven't been re-confirmed for the current year yet:


Here's the places that I know of that will be open on Christmas Day 2012:


More listings at The Register.


Here's the places that I know of that will be open on Christmas Day 2011:


Cantina Lounge: Opens at 8pm
Don Jacinto Pollo Grill near Fairview and Warner in Santa Ana


The Fast Food Maven has posted some info for 2009. Click here to read it.


Have been getting a lot of people doing Internet searches lately for "orange county restaurants open Christmas day 2008." As far as Mexican restaurants go the only one I personally know of right now that will be open that day is Tortilla Jo's at Downtown Disney. Tortilla Jo's does not have a special holiday menu for Christmas day but they do have an interesting one for Christmas Eve. If anybody (customers or restaurant owners) knows of any other Mexican restaurant that will be open Christmas Day in Orange County please e-mail the info to or leave a comment in this thread and the information will be added to this entry.

Somebody has just left a comment that the Chevy's in Anaheim Hills is open Christmas Day from Noon - 8pm.Chevy's has closed.

Mexican restaurant

Monday, December 03, 2012

Tacos Tijuana

Tacos Tijuana
2202 W Edinger Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92707
(714) 557-3810

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Listing on Epic Trip

No known official website.
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