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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Del Taco Santa Fe Chicken Taco


For Immediate Release

New Santa Fe Flavor Fires Up Del Taco's Popular Chicken Soft Taco

(Lake Forest, CA) April 14, 2010-- Long-time fans of Del Taco’s popular Chicken Soft Taco will want to try the new Santa Fe version of this menu favorite, which is available now.

The Santa Fe Chicken Soft Taco features Del Taco’s signature marinated grilled chicken, lettuce and cheddar cheese with a new roasted corn and black bean salsa and Santa Fe sauce with a kick that will inspire anyone looking for a change of pace.

The Santa Fe Chicken Soft Taco, priced at $1.49, is available at participating Del Taco restaurants for a limited time only.

“With the Santa Fe Chicken Soft Taco, we’ve fired up a menu favorite with a delicious fire-roasted corn and black bean salsa and sweet, smoky chipotle sauce with just the right amount of spice. This is just the kind of dialed-up flavor consumers seek out at Del Taco,” Cappasola said. “One won’t be enough for our fans, and this is precisely where our Santa Fe Chicken Soft Taco meal deal offers real value.”

The Santa Fe Chicken Soft Taco will be promoted via Del Taco’s multi-platform advertising campaign - The Del Taco Super Special Show. The latest episode of the show, which can be viewed at, focuses on the chain’s popular Chicken Soft Tacos, with prices starting at 99-cents. This new episode features new vignettes such as the Taco Diaries, Name that Stain and introduces the soda fountain bong that delivers every soda flavor at once. Del Taco’s Facebook fans can download a coupon on the “Free Chicken Soft Taco” tab at for a free regular Chicken Soft Taco with any purchase.

This is what it looked like in test markets:


DanGarion said...

Is it a Santa Fe Chicken Taco or a Big Fat Santa Fe Chicken Taco? Or do both actually exist?

ChristianZ said...

Good catch. I have to add in the correct picture.