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Monday, July 05, 2010

Sidral Mundet


Sometimes I see and get involved in a discussion on what makes a Mexican restaurant in Orange County authentic or inauthentic. So far, I've never been able to discern any 100% reliable criteria but if you go to one and you see Sidral Mundet brand apple soda then I think that's a fairly good indicator that that restaurant has a high degree of authenticity. This soda originated in Mexico in 1902 and uses straight, pasteurized apple juice as its flavoring. It also uses real sugar as its sweetener, not HFCS.

They recently sent me some samples and I didn't know until I got the box that they also now have a green apple variety ("manzana verde"). I used the regular kind recently to take the place of apple juice when I made a Jamba Juice smoothie from home:


And enjoyed the green apple flavor with a Locals Burrito and a Jackfruit Taco from the new Seabirds Truck:


If you see some Sidral Mundet when you go out to eat then pick it up and give it a try. Don't just settle for the standard "Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite" options. And if you run a Mexican restaurant or truck and you have the regular Sidral Mundet then think about also stocking the new green apple variety. And you can follow them on Twitter too (@sidralmundet) and flickr and Facebook.


DanGarion said...

Nice! I never ended up getting my box from them. I think someone might have stole it from our porch!

ChristianZ said...

Write the company back and see if their records show if the delivery was made.