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Friday, September 03, 2010

Sancho's Tacos

Sancho's Tacos
602 Pacific Coast Hwy
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(714) 536-8226

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There's always restaurants opening up in Orange County and I have found I can't keep up with all the openings. Sancho's opened up several months ago and I heard a lot about it and had numerous people recommending it. It is right across from the beach in Huntington Beach, not far from Main St. (and I think it is in or near where there was an old surfboard shop), and I heard they even gave out free tacos at the recent US Open surfing tournament. Their tacos are unique in that the tortillas they use are somewhere between soft and crisp and they are served open-faced with your choice of meat (steak, chicken, carnitas, or mahi mahi; or a vegetarian option with artichoke, mushrooms and spinach) and a zig-zag of sour cream. Burritos come with pretty much the same fillings. They also have huge, loaded up (and "sawed-off") breakfast burritos that they serve until noon for people like me who aren't morning people.







Sawed-off Burrito from Sancho's Tacos


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Kelly von Hemert said...

Santissima Madre de Dios! Que blog mas lindo! Me encanta el 'new look'!
Wow, I've been checking in for a long time now, and this blog remodel is pulchro! Love it.

su compa,
Galley Girl

ChristianZ said...


digkv said...

Seems interesting, what did you think of the tacos? Hey Christian, I guess it's not your thing but do you ever do reviews of the food or do you mostly just keep us updated on what a place has to offer, etc. I mean, it would be great to read more about your opinion but if it ain't your thing, your blog is still great.

ChristianZ said...

There's no strict rules to what I do or don't write here and any entry can be expanded on later and comments from readers also help. I definitely do get into the taste of the food sometimes but lately I've just been putting up pictures with a quick little writeup.