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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

49¢ Burritos at Del Taco

About a month ago somebody told me they saw Del Taco selling 49¢ burritos down in Encinitas. Just got Del Taco's mailer today and it confirmed what I had heard. I could be wrong but I am guessing these are the small ones (smaller than half-pound) that they still sell but don't show on their menu anymore. This is one of the few burritos I actually eat . . . from anywhere. And I like the small ones the best because for some reason the tortilla/beans/cheese/sauce ratio turns out perfectly. When you get the half-pound one the beans take over too much. At least for me. If you don't specify what kind of sauce you want then you get red sauce. That's a good choice but give green sauce a try sometime too.


1 comment:

Success said...

Wow, I cannot even remember the last time I saw a Del Taco in my area. I miss that place.