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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jose McCoy's, RIP/Sammy's Burgers Subs & Tacos


There's a restaurant that opened recently in Tustin that for a time was going to be called Pablo McGinty's, a sort of Irish/Mexican fusion place (it ended up being called Pablo's Cantina and we will have a review of them) which seemed like a unique idea but it had actually been done before. The place was called Jose McCoy's and the one I remember going to was in Seacliff Village in Huntington Beach. Oddly enough, I went with a friend who was of Irish/Mexican heritage. The first time I went was as a teenager and this friend's mom took us there because she loved the seasoning they used on the fries. I went a few more times and then I don't think it lasted there much longer but moved to near Warner and Bolsa Chica and then that location closed down a couple years ago.

Sooooo.... earlier today I'm driving with my boss to go get some lunch and he directs me to that same shopping center. When we pulled in I asked, "Do you remember Jose McCoy's being here?" He didn't answer my question directly but pointed me to Sammy's Burgers Subs & Tacos (listing on Yelp):


I was hungry so at that point I was more focused on eating than nostalgia but when I got inside I found that there was a Jose McCoy's mural on the wall:


What a surprise. Turns out Sammy's is in the same spot that Jose McCoy's was in. I quickly ordered a chipotle chicken avocado quesadilla as evidenced by this rather mundane photo:


I then asked the owner, Sammy, if any items were held over from when it had been Jose McCoy's and he mentioned the strips and cheese as the only item. I also found out during this visit that this was also Sammy's second location and it came back to me that I had gone to his prior one at Beach and Talbert in the 1980s. Then I found out while typing this up and doing further research that Jeff Overley had written up the strips and cheese before at the Orange County Register's Food Frenzy blog. Does anyone else remember Jose McCoy's and the seasoning on their fries and the strips and cheese? Of course the other place to get strips at cheese at is at Zack's at the Beach.

IMG02410-20111213-1340 Strips and Cheese


John Sims said...

We use to go to Jose McCoys at seacliff after surf sessions in the 80s. Killer ground beef taco salad.....miss it to this day.

ChristianZ said...

Thanks for sharing your memory, John.

Anonymous said...

I worked at Jose McCoys when I was going to high school at Huntington Beach High School right across the street. Bob, the Korean-American owner with the thick accent and his wife, a big white American woman taller than Bob, were the hardworking owners working 7 days a week. It was a different time back then. There was a frequent customer couple and the hush-hush story was that they were living together and they weren't even married. All of us high-school cashiers (all girls) loved seeing all the cute surfer boys come in!

Brenda said...

I used to go there as a child have been trying to find a place that can come close enough to their seasoned fries and it’s a no go!! Years later I’m still having withdrawals of those dam fries! ����