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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Hole Mole

Holé Molé
14430 Newport Ave
Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 505-2502

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Holé Molé is a place that started in Long Beach and built up to 5 locations there and I had it recommended to me but never made it to one until shortly after one opened in Tustin. I was figuring it's be all about molé (you know, Pueblan molé, Oaxacan molé, etc.) but it was more like a Rubio's that has a number of items but focuses on fish tacos with the small difference that they also have one molé dish on the menu; well, you can get it in a bowl or a burrito. It's a standard, acceptable mole served over cubed chicken. I'd venture to guess that the people who started it wanted to start a fish taco joint and they thought the name Holé Molé sounded clever so they went with that and threw a molé dish on the menu just so the name would make some sense. And… I'm fine with that. They also have a dessert I've never seen anywhere else and when I see a Mexican dessert I've never seen anywhere else I tend to get it. This one is called "Flanquitos" and from the promo picture I saw of it I thought it was three taquitos surrounding a flan. Turns out it's three taquitos stuffed with flan and surrounding a dollop of whipped cream. Gooey and creamy and crisp and cinnamon-y all at the same time. Very satisfying.






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As a bonus, here's a Cooliris album (direct link in case it doesn't show up here on whatever device you're on) from when Abby of Pleasure Palate went on a fish taco crawl with some friends in Los Angeles. Looks like their first stop was Holé Molé:

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