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Monday, March 06, 2006

Ostioneria: Playas de Sinaloa - Review #1

Date of Visit: March 4, 2006

1320 E Edinger Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92705

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I've been planning on going back to this place for a while and getting some good pictures. The decor inside makes me think that the Brady Bunch turned Mexican, dropped some hallucinogens, and were let loose with paint brushes. The walls are painted bright citrusy yellow, green, and orange. One wall has a big ocean scene with a big mermaid dead center. Unfortunately they don't have the psychedelic table cloths they used to have. Hopefully they will bring them back sometime.
Out of all the places I've been to so far this is the one place that was most thrown off by a gringo coming in. Not that they weren't welcoming; they just never seem to expect that someone like me would patronize their establishment. This was my second visit where a waitress did not know English, but I have found that even partially remembered high school Spanish can get you by pretty good in situations like these.

Playas de Sinaloa

Playas de Sinaloa Exterior

Playas de Sinaloa

Playas de Sinaloa - Huevos Rancheros

Playas de Sinaloa

Overall Ostioneria: Playas de Sinaloa earns a four Speedy Gonzales rating:

Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales


Anonymous said...

How was the food? Good salsa and chips?

ChristianZ said...

You know, it's funny, because every time I have been to this place I always presumed that there would be something very good about the food or something undesirable about it but it has always been very "just right." The chips are not too greasy and not too dry. The salsa is not too bland and not too spicy. The same could be said of all their entrees. I did like it one time when a bowl of limes was brought out with the chips and salsa.

Anonymous said...

BTW, love the painting of the mermaid who looks like she's carrying the neon beer signs on her back!

Anonymous said...

This is long but I have to let people know
I have been to many Mexican seafood restaurants. This place has the bigest selection of food but without a dout its the best tasting food in California . Every time I have been there someone speaks English though at lunch time and theres always other white people and asian people that are there most every time my co-workers and I go there.

Food Taste #Excellent
Service #Good
Price #Average

I recommend this

Tacos de pastor
Torta de asada ****
Tostada de Haiva -thats crab realy good
Camarones diabla
Shrimp coctail

I find hot sause that they give u for the chips the best one for food.They also give u this other darker one that I dont really like so stick with the orange looking one.

my wife just tryed this plate last week that has fishes from all the 7 oceans of the world im not positive but I think its called Plato Siete Mares" or something like that translates to Plate of seven sea's .

Everything is neat and clean this is why I also like this place .this is actually the only place I recommend from OC.

I was actally trying to set up another metting there and I ran to this site. They have a large plate that feeds 6 to 8 people that cost around $90 dollars that has all these different types of seafood meats , its called "Parillada" if I remember correctly but thats only if u like every type of food that they put there. I accidently ordered that and it was only 4 of us and we didnt finish it but it was very good.

I am kinda picky when it comes to food so I cant give u advice on everything they have like Shrimp cooked in butter with garlic that smells so good but I hate garlic so just thinking about it makes me sic.


ChristianZ said...

Thanks for your lengthy comment. Information like this helps anybody who will come across this review in the future. Let me know if you ever want to provide a guest review.

Unknown said...

Food is great! This is an authentic Mexican restaurant. All we need is a good bar tender.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I read this review and I visted this place... They have the best shrimp ceviche in all of OC. It's always so clean and the service is great,,, I can't tell you enough about their Shirmp CEVICHE... ITS THE BEST

ChristianZ said...

Glad I was able to make a good recommendation.