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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Taco Bell Grill, RIP

I don't remember too much about Taco Bell Grill but it was to Taco Bell what El Torito Grill is to El Torito: keep some of the basic, core items while adding and focusing on fancier items. I visited at twice, perhaps three times and to the best of my memory I believe they had tacos al carbon and tortas and more freshly made guacamole than a regular Taco Bell would have and a few other items. It was a test from about four or five years ago and the only location I knew of was at Harbor and Garden Grove Boulevard in Garden Grove. It has since reverted to a standard Taco Bell restaurant. Personally, I would've liked for them to have kept it as a Taco Bell Grill.


j said...

So Im not crazy! Everyone I have ever told about this place does not know what Im talking about. I was posting on this site about the new Taco Bell Gourmet restaurant, and mentioned this place. I ate at that location off of Harbor many times. I was disappointing when it turned to regular Toxic Hell. This new place looks promising.

ChristianZ said...

Thanks for the comment. I feel a little better too knowing I'm not the only person who remembers Taco Bell Grill.

DrkMith said...

There was a TacoBell Grill on El Camino Real @ Castro St in Mtn. View, CA