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Monday, November 13, 2006

Man Doth Not Live on Mexican Food Alone

From time to time I like to present evidence that I don't just eat Mexican food, it just happens to be the only kind I blog about . . . for the most part. Last week I met up with the "food gang" at Pagolac in Westminster. "Elmo Monster" wrote about it at his Monster Munching blog while "ChubbyPanda" (hey, I think I need a cool nickname, too; maybe I'll start using my old rap nickname of "DJ Snicker Rap Monster") wrote about it at his Epicurious Wanderer blog. (Joy & Carter and "Beach" were also active participants.) What they were both polite enough to not mention is that I was kept at work late and finally arrived just as everyone else was finishing up but "Beach" insisted that I still get all seven courses of beef the restaurant offers. Once the courses started coming Elmo and CP began circling around me snapping pictures from every conceivable angle so that I felt like I was in a professional photo shoot. I think my grey, vaguely 80's-ish, striped shirt can be seen in one of their pictures. It turned out to be a great visit and food lover meetup all around.


Chubbypanda said...

"That's right, pose for me. Yes! Yes! Eat that food! You're magic, dahling."

Had a blast, buddy. Glad you were able to join us. It wouldn't have been a food blogger adventure without you along.

- Chubbypanda

elmomonster said...


Glad you finally made it! Funny though that you actually got in at the exact second that we finished our last morsel.

ChristianZ said...

I purposely got just a little lost so that I would arrive at the exact right moment.