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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Register Highlights Mexican Food

Time again to point out a few recent mentions of Mexican food in our own Orange County Register:

First up, Elizabeth Evans has showcased Taleo Mexican Grill in Irvine as one of her top ten innovative eateries she experienced in 2006. Be sure to check out our coupon for Taleo.

Secondly, a more recent article highlights some of the changes coming to the Baja Fresh chain. My review of Baja Fresh is the only one so far where a restaurant was given only a two and a half Speedy Gonzales rating, but that's how I felt about them at that time. The food was just very neutral. Didn't taste bad but did nothing for the taste buds. The purpose of my site is not to tear anybody down but to point out all the great options that are out there, so here's hoping that Baja Fresh can step things up a little. I should point out that their Chipotle Glazed Charbroiled Chicken Salad earned a four Speedy Gonzales rating on its own when I reviewed it for my Salad Wars entry.

Finally, there's talk of a new Avila's El Ranchito opening in South Laguna.

Additionally, the Register's weekly OC lifestyle paper, SqueezeOC, highlights the county's Top 5 tacos and then the county's Top 5 fish tacos.

UPDATE (January 9, 2007): Today's Register talks about El Pollo Loco appearing on the January 28 episode of Donald Trump's hit NBC show The Apprentice. The print version of the article mentions that that same day viewers will be able to participate online at El Pollo in a contest similar to what The Donald's apprentices will be competing in.

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