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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Kogi Korean BBQ Taco Truck

(This is NOT the only taco truck in OC we have covered. Click HERE or on the 'taco truck' label below for our complete coverage of Orange County taco trucks.)

If you haven't heard of Kogi Korean BBQ I simply don't know what planet you're on. People are going absolutely nuts over this taco truck that makes Korean BBQ-style meat and serves them in tortillas. I haven't mentioned them yet because well, it's a little more Korean than Mexican (I think), and because they haven't come to Orange County yet although they have been very close. But Nancy Luna's Fast Food Maven blog on the Register's website has just updated to say that Kogi is planning on being in Orange County this coming Thursday in Anaheim and Saturday in Orange. The Kogi people are wondering if they are going to get a good reception in OC. Judging by the pentup hype surrounding them and their undeniable mystique I'd say they'll get an overwhelming response.

And according to our friend Edwin at OC Weekly, Kogi will be in Fullerton tonight.

Here is Kogi's Twitter feed, which they update regularly to give information about their location.

Read more about Kogi at Monster Munching.


So, I made it to the promised land finally; even though the promised land in this case rolls around on wheels I still made it there. Followed ElmoMonster's tip and headed out to Fullerton to catch Kogi for their first legit stop in OC. As I was making my left turn off of Harbor Blvd. I spotted the Kogi truck making the same turn three cars in front of me. Maybe it helped that I was in my Korean-made automobile. Otherwise I might not have known it was the correct turn.


As I made my turn I saw a crowd of people waiting on the corner who all followed the truck down the street as it found a parking spot.


I arrived at about 6:40pm and it took the workers in the truck a good half hour of prep time. Meanwhile the line just grew longer and longer.


At around 7:30pm the line finally started moving.


Here's their menu board:


Prices listed do NOT include tax. I tried one of each kind of taco; total w/ tax came to $8.75. I enjoyed all of them but wish I had eaten the tofu one first. I had overheard somebody in the crowd saying that the spicy pork is the chef's favorite and it was so spicy but I didn't even purchase a drink and I wasn't pleading for one after eating the spicy pork.


I'd have to say the tacos were the perfect blend of fresh tortillas, hot, non-gristly meat, and cold toppings, and not entirely non-Mexican. Other people were getting quesadillas and burritos. The burritos were all wrapped up so I couldn't see them but the quesadillas sure looked good. Seeing as how I was there for approximately an hour and forty-five minutes I have a hard time seeing how people can do this as a lunch break thing. Apparently some people do it. One guy I talked to in the line had been at the truck in downtown L.A. earlier today for lunch, then he brought somebody with him to the Fullerton stop to try them for dinner. The crowd was very excited to sample the wares and lots of pictures were being snapped by people who can now prove that they too had arrived (shouldn't this truck be selling "I Ate at Kogi's" t-shirts?). So, yeah, it has a big following and if you want to get in on it try to catch them at their Anaheim and/or Orange appearance soon.

Official Site

(Also, you can click here to read our complete coverage of Korean/Mexican fusion all at once. There's more than one place that has Korean tacos.)


Melissa said...

Like I told Edwin, I just don't know if I could see myself waiting a half hour or more, which is highly likely given the hype. I'll think about it though.

ChristianZ said...

You still gotta get to Gabbi's. Was surprised to hear you haven't been there yet.

elmomonster said...


Yeah...I wouldn't recommend waiting two hours to anyone...30 minutes, on a Saturday night? I can do that. Two hours? Nuh uh...not even for French Laundry...well, maybe for French Laundry...if it was free!


Also, something that most people missed...they're going to be in Fullerton tonight!

ChristianZ said...

Hmm, thanks for the update. Trying to collect all the info I can on this. Will add your link into the main entry.

Diamond Dog said...

I went to Frescas last night for the hard taco tuesday deal. The tacos are "soft hard". They fry them fresh right there, however they are not that crispy. They are similar to the "hard" tacos at Miguels. They are crspy on the outside, but still chew and pliable. So this answers the question I had.

I thought they were very tasty and a great price. I think their salsas and sauces suck though. Their habenero spiced carrots are really good. Their chips are nothing special.

I will return for these tacos.

Please find more fresh fried crisp taco places in OC!

Blake said...

I'm considering going both Thursday and Saturday nights to try the tacos one night and burritos the next. I simply cannot wait. Thanks for the review!

As for wait times, I don't care what the wait time is. I'll probably be there early since I don't normally stay up past midnight ;) but I will gladly wait in line 2 hours for these. How could you not?!

ChristianZ said...

Thanks for the comment. I'm not saying to not wait for them. I'm just saying it seems like it'd be hard to do if you are on a half hour or one hour lunch break from work. Let us know how it goes. I might make it to one or both of the next OC stops. Take some pictures in case I don't.

Anonymous said...

Well looks like they have pulled out of the OC for Thursday night and will be in Santa Ana on Saturday at the Santa Ana Artwalk...

ChristianZ said...

Hmm, that could conflict with the thing I just sent you an invitation for.

Shelly Borrell said...

Hi Christian. Thanks for the info. I guess I'm the only one living on another planet, HA. And now I'm curious if I don't have to wait in line too long. Hopefully I'll catch it with y'all next time.

Shelly, Nibbles of Tidbits

ChristianZ said...

Oh, it's okay. We didn't actually have a blogger meetup here. And apparently they won't be back in Orange County for a long time.