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Friday, May 27, 2011

Taco Mesa Going to a New Level


TACO MESA Healthy and Authentic debuts 20th Anniversary Menu and gears up for a year of celebration!


The new 20th Anniversary Menu features changes and updates that enhance their original intention and highlight their consistent commitment to outstanding quality coupled with an unbeatable value to their consumer. Founder Ivan Calderon is proud to announce a year of celebration at Taco Mesa.


"Staying true to our philosophy of Healthy & Authentic we've developed a new menu with the help of our executive chef, Javier Zambrano which truly reflects our original intention. Ingredients that are organic, wild caught fish, and natural chicken and beef (free of steroids, hormones and antibiotics) as well as identifying gluten free options within our menu. We use recipes that have been passed down from our ancestors, the Mayan, Aztec and Spanish ~ fused with contemporary technique and innovation. We prepare food in small batches daily to assure quality and freshness."


Taco Mesa has an ongoing committed to a 'green' environmental approach and is excited to embrace the new areas of opportunity to create an ecologically mindful dining experience which carries through to the back of the house. Changes and updates are in process and will be part of the year of celebration at all Taco Mesa locations. "It's a time of positive energy and appreciation for the past 20 years of growing our family business in Orange County. Our true partnership has been with the community and we feel deep gratitude for the steadfast support we have received throughout the last 20 years. We remain faithful to our original vision, commitment and to our community."


Ivan Calderon has continued to step beyond his role as restaurateur throughout the last 20 years, maintaining a standard of excellence in business as well as a gracious and generous spirit of giving and community involvement.
Est 1991
Taco Mesa originally opened on 19th Street in Costa Mesa, CA and still remains a local favorite at this original location. Since opening in 1991, Taco Mesa has grown to have 4 locations throughout Orange County: Costa Mesa, Mission Viejo, Ladera Ranch and Orange. Taco Rosa Mexico City Cuisine was founded by Ivan Calderon as the 'full-service' concept with 2 locations, Newport Beach and Irvine -

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Marksy said...

They got rid of their al pastor tacos :(