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Friday, January 23, 2009

Alexa Catering

Alexa's Taco Truck
Behind the Sprint building at the corner of El Camino Real and Commerce in Santa Ana
(714) 715-1015
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(This is NOT the only taco truck in OC we have covered. Click HERE or on the 'taco truck' label below for our complete coverage of Orange County taco trucks.)


So, with over 200 reviews on the site now it's kind of strange that this is only my second review of a taco truck. It's not that I have anything against them. I just don't see them that often. After a recent e-mail from frequent guest writer here Johnny Automatic urging that I get to a taco truck soon I went to Yelp and asked where I could quickly find one from my residence in Irvine. A Ryan C. there mentioned Alexa's near the Tustin Marketplace. Turns out that it is even technically in Irvine. A taco truck in Irvine? Sounds scientifically and philosophically impossible but it's true and they have some good food.


Alexa's parks behind the Sprint building there Mondays through Fridays at 10:30am and 1:30pm for about half an hour each time (from what I could tell). At other times they are at different spots in the same industrial complex.


I went the next day after find out about it and ordered a carnitas torta, a big thing with hearty, toasty bread, tender carnitas, lettuce, sour cream, and guacamole. Some places might charge $6 - 8 for something like this but here it was $3.75 . . . and perfect. I looked around in their drinks section for a Jarritos soda but didn't see any. I kind of thought, "Hmm, a Mexican catering truck without Jarritos? Is that how they allow it in Irvine?"


I went back again the next day, met by my friend Chris P. the Carnitas King, who ordered three carnitas tacos on flour tortillas. They made the tacos by folding the tortilla and then putting the fillings on but he was able to fold them in half again to eat them:


There's also a few umbrella-covered outside tables you can enjoy your meal at:


For my lunch the second day I got a lone carne asada taco on two corn tortillas with cilantro and onion and a little bit of guacamole and a lime wedge:


The taco was $1.50 and you can choose from carne asada, chicken or carnitas. On Tuesdays they have Taco Tuesday with dollar tacos and other kinds of meat that they don't have on their other days.

Being the huevos rancheros fan that I am I asked of I could get some at lunch time and they said you can always get breakfast items from them. These were more like huevos rancheros tacos with two fried eggs, over easy, each in their own corn tortilla and just the right amount of ranchero sauce for somebody who's taking a quick break from work and probably has to walk back to their desk with a plate full of food and a drink.


Speaking of drinks, on my second visit they had some Jarritos sodas available and said they had sold out the day before. My meal on the second day came to a whopping grand total of six bucks for the huevos rancheros, the taco, and the soda.

They also do catering. Call their number at the beginning of this entry for more info.

For taco trucks Alexa's gets five Speedy Gonzaleses:

Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales
If you've been to Alexa's or if you know of other taco trucks I should try please leave a comment.

Click here to see the unedited photo album (18 photos) at .

Yelp Meetup Followup

Here's pictures from the little Yelp meetup we had on Friday, January 23rd:

Carolyn's Chilaquiles

My Chorizo Burrito

Brekkie_fan's Carnitas Tacos


melissa said...

Oh I SO have to try that. I'm always lamenting not being able to try a taco truck either because of location. I'll try going at 1:30 on my lunch hour sometime, when I have an hour for lunch.

Thanks for the review. 5 speedy's?? I can't wait.

ChristianZ said...

The ratings are always kind of loose and not very scientific but, yeah, it's good stuff. Somebody in that Yelp thread now wants to get a meetup going there for Wednesday or Friday this week.

SocialNetworking said...


ChristianZ said...


melissa said...

I can't go on Friday. My office move is that day. :(

DanGarion said...

I'm so sorry I wasn't able to meet up with you Christian. Things have been so hectic with the new house, I looked at my phone at 1:15 and was in the process of buying paint and couldn't finish in time to enjoy what appears to have been one delicious meal. Hope we can meet up sometime in the future.

ChristianZ said...

That's okay. I realize you were busy with the new house stuff. Somebody created a Yelp meetup for it this coming Friday (link added to top of this review). Not that you're obligated to go to that one. Just saying it's there.

OC said...

Taco trucks are fun for neighborhood parties. I know a community where everyone throws in for a truck to come out. Kids love it. While I don't know of any taco trucks to recommend, if you want a private caterer, more inside the home, a good site for Orange County is at

Anonymous said...

Its look really delicious food. Corporate Catering Sydney also offer a wide range of affordable and flexible Christmas party options and specialize in outdoors events.

Griffin said...

This is in the parking lot for my office. I love this truck....

ChristianZ said...

Time/date/location? I want to try to go back soon.

Griffin said...

They are in front of my building, 3240 El Camino Real, everyday from I think 10-11:00 AM and 12:30-2:00 PM.....or something like that.....I'm sure of the afternoon time, but not the morning one.