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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eat Chow

Date of Visits: May 14, 16, and 26 2009
Eat Chow
1802 Newport Blvd
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 650-CHOW

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Here's another place that, like Mollie's Country Kitchen, is not a Mexican restaurant per se, but has so many Mexican items that it easily qualifies for inclusion here on the blog. A hip little eatery connected by the hip to a hip little clothing store (The Closet), Eat Chow serves fresh, healthy, crisply presented entrees at a reasonable price ranging from $8 - 14.


The breakfast menu itself has a whole Mexican section with items such as Huevos Rancheros, Chilaquiles, and an Egg White Burrito. But they also often have Mexican items for breakfast on their specials menu, such as the Chorizo Scramble (shown above). For lunch and dinner they have Baja Style Fish Tacos and Vegetarian Tostadas on their regular menu:

Baja Style Fish Tacos

I think the only problem I had at Eat Chow was that the tacos were stuffed so full that I had a hard time keeping them together as I picked them up to eat them. The waiter walked by and saw my struggle and remarked, "Keeping it together there?" But that's a problem that's almost a plus. And they also, as with breakfast, have Mexican items frequently appearing on their specials board, such as the light and tangy shrimp ceviche:


And the crispy beef tacos:


These tacos remind me of the infamous Jack in the Box tacos but taken to a gourmet level, with fresh lettuce and tomato, no triangular slice of orange cheese, and some Salsa Macho on the side.

And the tortilla soup, made completely on the premises:


It's worth mentioning that Eat Chow gets its tortillas from the legendary El Toro Bravo. That certainly adds to their street cred. Speaking of streets, be aware that Eat Chow is physically on 18th St., just around the corner from Newport Blvd. It is part of the same building as The Closet and you will be able to see The Closet from Newport Blvd. and Eat Chow shortly after you turn onto 18th St.

Finish off your meal with a flan, deep and rich, topped with a strawberry flower:


After you eat at Eat Chow you can take your receipt next door to The Closet and show it to them to get 20% off any regularly priced purchase so you can get fed and clothed in one stop.


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Melissa Good Taste said...

Yummy - everything looks tasty. i am starving at work!

ChristianZ said...

Maybe you can Eat some Chow at lunchtime.