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Monday, June 01, 2009

El Buen Sabor - Review #1

Date of Visits: February 12 and 13, March 31, and June 1, 2009
El Buen Sabor
14141 Red Hill Ave
Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 573-1112

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Details of my most recent meal at El Buen Sabor:

Appetizer: Chips and Salsa
Entree: Carne asada & al pastor tacos platter w/ rice and beans
Beverage: Lime agua fresca
Dessert: Mexican Pastry
Price: $8.89



Hidden away almost anonymously in the Stater Bros. parking lot on Redhill in Tustin El Buen Sabor offers traditional Mexican bakery items and catering for numerous special occasions and Mexican meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This will be mostly photos again until I catch up on my backlog.


Chips and salsa, with salsa coming in two varieties, hot and super hot:




Chile Verde

Chicken flautas






Aguas frescas:


They have different types of aguas frescas depending on when you go and when I went earlier today I had what I believe was my first lime aguas frescas. Best lime juice I've ever had, with the harsh aspect of the tartness removed and all the flavor remaining intact.





Carne asada and al pastor tacos


Click here to see the complete album (39 photos) at flickr.


V said...

That pan de dulce brings me back! Looks great.

ChristianZ said...

Oh, I know. I just love looking at it all . . . and eating some of it too, of course.

Melissa said...

Everything looks tasty and I had no idea they were so good. I live right around the corner, so even better.

"with salsa coming in two varieties, hot and super hot"

Sounds like my kind of place!

ChristianZ said...

When I went yesterday there were a couple men there for lunch who were finishing up. One of them said, "Oh, man, the habaneros in my huevos rancheros were way hotter than I expected."

Melissa said...


ChristianZ said...

Let us know how it goes! If it's the nice girl working there when you go let her know where you read about them.

Johnny Automatic said...

wen today with 8 people. The carnitas nachos is a huge mound of goodness. I had a couple of tacos and two cheese enchiladas which were very good. Indeed the two salsas are hot and hot enough to kill. They had 4 aguas frescas - watermelon, melon, lemon (ade) and jamaica. Only issue was that with 8 people we probably overwhelmed them as the food took quite awhile to be served. But it was excellent and fresh when it arrived. They told the two people who ordered chile rellenos that it would take 20 minutes. OBviously making them from scratch.

Had a cono de crema for dessert which was similar to a cream horn. Mmmmm

ChristianZ said...

Good to hear from you and to hear that you made it to this place. This place is kind of like a home kitchen disguised as a restaurant.