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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mi Casa - Review #2

Mi Casa
1231 W Chapman Ave
Orange, CA 92868
(714) 633-9395

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I was about to write our frequent guest reviewer Johnny Automatic recently asking him how everything was going since we hadn't heard from him in a while but he beat me to it by sending in this review of the lesser known Mi Casa, the one in the City of Orange.


A while back I reviewed Mi Casa in Costa Mesa. Now I'm writing about Mi Casa in Orange. Other than the name and that they both serve Mexican food, there is very little in common between the two places.


This Mi Casa was a burger stand that over the years began serving more and more Mexican favorites. Remnants of the old menu still survive. So this is a good place to go if your dining partner doesn't like Mexican food (but how could that be?!). So while you have a breakfast burrito they can have pancakes and eggs or while you have a chile relleno they can have a burger and fries.


First time I came here I had a special of the day. It was a chile relleno and enchilada combo platter. Both were quite good and served with the standard rice and beans on the side. I remember the enchilada sauce being nice and thick and flavorful, but on a later visit the sauce seemed wimpier. So maybe there is a little inconsistency here.


On another visit I had the al pastor burrito. I am a big fan of al pastor, the meat being marinated in spices usually over night. Theirs was as good as a lot of places but not among the best I have had. They have a small salsa bar and all the salsas were excellent.


This is a good place for a lunch stop if you're in the area. When I went there was nothing on the menu for over $7. So it is a very reasonable place for lunch. One of the fun things is eating in the half-indoor/half-outdoor dining area. There is years of treasures and junk collected here and it is fun to look at all the stuff while dining.

As the sign says, they are open all day serving meals.


Melissa said...

Mmm al pastor. I just tried it for the first time at Tacolandia No. 2 in Costa Mesa:

I liked it a lot. I keep trying it at different places now, but some of them are so meh.

And you know, I've never met anyone who didn't like Mexican food of some kind. That would be weird haha.

ChristianZ said...

Just drove by that place you mentioned the other day when I was on my to another taco joint. I have thought of doing a separate blog just for the places on 19th St.

Eric said...

I've been wanting to try this place for years but never have.........went there today for lunch.....I must say I am thoroughly un-impressed.....first of all the Soda was very watered down......and the food was mediocre......I ordered a taco /enchilada combo...the enchilada wasn't bad but the taco was about a 3" cocktail taco......the beef was very fatty and had large pieces of gristle.......I see no need to go back.........but Mi Casa in Costa Mesa is another story......Can't wait to go back there......

Melissa Good Taste said...

Give me that Chile Relleno nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....