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Monday, August 16, 2010

Lucky Habanero Salsa

A week or so ago Linda Saenz, The Salsa Lady, dropped some of her salsas off at my work to taste test. Made with fire-roasted chilies and fresh-cut veggies these salsas are fresh and flavorful. Lucky Habanero Salsa comes in 2 varieties, "Original Hot" which has a good amount of heat, and "Medium" to provide a salsa with a medium level of spiciness for those who need to tone down the heat a little. They also have a salsa verde called "San Blas" and an extra hot variety coming soon to store shelves called "Dragon Lips."


In the interest of full-disclosure this product was provided free to me. I had about 5-7 chips myself and was able to sample and enjoy each salsa before my co-workers gobbled the remainder of it up. One of them practically guzzled the Dragon Lips salsa.


Lucky Habanero Salsa can be found at the following local markets:

  • Whole Foods Markets
  • Promelis Markets, Newport Beach
  • Irvine Ranch Market
  • Vicente Foods
  • Mother's Markets
  • The Meat House
  • select BevMo locations
  • Hows Market, Malibu
  • Hi-Time Wine Cellars
  • Marbella Farmers Market in San Juan Capistrano
Official Site


Griffin said...

Any idea how "soon" the Dragon Lips will be out?

ChristianZ said...

Linda says, "For now the San Blas and the Dragon Lips and the Guacamole can only be purchased at the OC Marketplace on the weekends. The OC Marketplace is held at the fairgrounds every weekend from 7-4 on Sat. and Sun.!"

baby crib said...

I can't wait for this to come out in the market. I am sure I will that I will be the first one to buy it. I am so excited for that.

Anonymous said...

what's the company name of the tortilla chips pictured on this article? if you would please!


p.s. great salsa, like the dragon lips myself.

ChristianZ said...

Looks like they're called "Gracias A Dio." The Salsa Lady said the chips are also made locally.

Anonymous said...

Border Town Salsa is my favorite I've found so far. It is in some grocery stores, but can be bought online. They say its restaraunt quality and it is. is where to buy it. Try this if you like great taste at all heats and it is great to cook with as well. Love it.

Anonymous said...

I am very happy to say that i would buy order 6 dragon lips per week from the whole foods on 5th and whilsire. Now they dont carry it and i refuse to purcchase anything else. i need 10 per week can these be delivered or mailed?

ChristianZ said...

You can try contacting them through their Facebook page: