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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Taqueria Tapatia

Taqueria Tapatia
202 S Bristol St
Santa Ana, CA 92703
(714) 972-9115

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Here's a little place I went to a few nights ago with a bunch of guys who were hungry for tacos late at night. One of them told me this place stays open until 2am; not quite 24 hours but it should help for a lot of post-10pm food cravings.


Their specialty is tacos and they have eight different kinds. One of the guys in the group, Steve, got one of each. You can see the al pastor roasting on the spit when you go in. They also have the "real" Mexican meats like lengua and cabeza in addition to the "ordinary" stuff like carne asada, pollo and carnitas.


All tacos are 93¢ each so with tax added they round up nicely to one dollar. They have some other items like ceviche but be aware that the ceviche is big (pictured above with my carnitas taco and birria taco), not just a little tostada with a little sprinkling of diced seafood on it. Hopefully I can make it back during the daytime and get some better pictures and try some other tacos.

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Anonymous said...

Best Taqueria in OC!! Al pastor is as authentic as it gets! Taquitos are fresh and made with chicken and The torta de Carnitas will make you soooo happy.

Chico G

ChristianZ said...

Now I've gotta get me some al pastor there... But, yeah, it's cool that they have the spit there right out in the open...