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Monday, May 02, 2011

Del Taco Big Fat Crispy Chicken Tacos . . . and More

Del Taco's PR has just sent me the above image of their new Big Fat Crispy Chicken Tacos. Will be giving these a try sometime but coincidentally I went through one of their drive-thrus this morning and got a breakfast burrito and one of their new root beer float shakes. Normally I wouldn't have a shake at breakfast but I wanted to try this and I justified it by telling myself it was a late breakfast. They also have new Mac & Cheese Crunch Bites.

(Lake Forest, CA) May 2, 2011 – Del Taco’s Big Fat Crispy Chicken Tacos will have bigger taste than ever with the introduction of two new flavors - Creamy Chipotle, with a bold kick, and Bacon Ranch, an American classic made with ranch sauce and real bacon.

At $2.29, the Big Fat Crispy Chicken Tacos feature a crispy, golden chicken strip, crisp lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and grated cheddar cheese wrapped in warm flatbread with a choice of Creamy Chipotle sauce or Bacon with Ranch sauce. Del Taco will also be offering a popular "2 for" promotion with two Big Fat Crispy Chicken Tacos for $4.

This week, Del Taco is also introducing Crispy Chicken Burritos with a choice of Creamy Chipotle sauce or Bacon with Ranch sauce. Offered at $2.99, the Crispy Chicken Burritos include two crispy, golden chicken strips, crisp lettuce, fresh tomatoes, grated cheddar cheese, and a choice of Creamy Chipotle sauce or Bacon with Ranch sauce wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.

"Our fans know and love how Del Taco delivers great flavor combinations that fill them up at unbeatable prices. Our new Crispy Chicken menu items are a great example of that and besides, Crispy Chicken just tastes better in tacos and burritos," said John Cappasola, Chief Brand Officer at Del Taco.

Del Taco fans can receive a coupon for a free Big Fat Crispy Chicken Taco with any purchase when they “like” Del Taco on Facebook at Fans can also join Del Taco's Raving Fan eClub at for free food and exclusive offers.

At Del Taco, all menu items are made to order using fresh ingredients including freshly grated cheddar cheese, hand-made salsa, slow-cooked lard-free beans and marinated chicken grilled fresh every hour. The menu includes Mexican offerings of tacos, burritos, quesadillas and nachos as well as American favorites like hamburgers, fries and milk shakes. Del Taco also serves breakfast and most restaurants are open 24 hours with a drive thru. Del Taco restaurants serve more than three million customers each week.

New Del Taco Menu Board

I should say I love root beer shakes. Used to make them when I worked at Jack in the Box as a teenager by getting root beer syrup (minus the typically accompanying soda water) from the soda fountain and mixing it in with the shake mix. Now that I don't work at Jack in the Box anymore it's hard for me to get my root beer shake fix. So, thanks, Del Taco.


Anonymous said...

Root Beer shake, I just was this today at Del Taco and thought -- Naugles!

ChristianZ said...

Yeah, I guess Naugles used to have a root beer shake.