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Friday, May 06, 2011

New Green Burrito Menu at Carl's Jr.



Green Burrito Revamped Menu Board #2



Ronnie said...

Wow lol, I didn't even know that Green Burrito had a new menu! Thats great info. If you're ever In Long Beach, I actually own a Mexican Restaurant in Long Beach CA my website is Http://

I'm going to make sure to follow this blog, I think its cool that this is all about Mexican Restaurants in Orange County, I wish there was someone like you doing it for Long Beach!

suffolk restaurant menus said...

The Mexican Burrito looks similar to the Middle Eastern Shawarma. Anything different between the two?

Larry said...

WHat happened to the Wet "Red" and "Green" Items from the Original Green Burrito off Carson St and the 605!!!

ChristianZ said...

I believe you can still get those at one of the remaining Green Burrito locations.