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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Little Onion Mexican Restaurant - Review #1

110 W Macarthur Blvd
Santa Ana, CA 92707

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Appetizer: Chips and Hot Sauce
Entree: Arroz con Pollo

Little Onion - Exterior

I'd never even heard of Little Onion but I saw it when driving away from the dealership where my car had just got a checkup so I made a U-turn and pulled into their parking lot. This place doesn't jump out at you because it's just part of a little strip mall and I assumed it'd be slow but it was actually quite busy and there were people fighting for parking spaces. I'm not even entirely sure the place I parked was actually a parking spot.

When I went in the downstairs was so full that I was led to a table in the upstairs loft area which was an interesting spot because I was seated right near what appeared to be a roof below the main roof of the building, sort of an inside roof with potted plants all over it and even a couple old brooms.

This restaurant seems to fit firmly into what I think of as your "standard sit-down Mexican restaurants," one of those places that has been around 30-plus years and is a lot like all the other Mexican restaurants that cropped up around the same time. Nothing too inventive but sometimes you just want a familiar experience.

The menu was pretty standard and I ordered a bowl of arroz con pollo, which arrived quickly, filled me up quick, and sat well. No rice or beans (well, I guess the rice was already in the bowl and I don't mind skipping the beans every once in a while) but there were nice, hot corn tortillas and butter and some lettuce and guacamole on the side.

Overall the experience was just above average so Little Onion warrants a three Speedy Gonzales rating:

Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales

These photos were taken more than three years after my initial visit. Click any of them to be taken to the complete photo album:







Johnny Automatic said...

we went not too long ago and sadly I agree with the average rating. Either this place has gone downhill over the years or my fond memories are faulty.

ChristianZ said...

It's one of those places that you don't go out of your way for but if you're in the area and you need a bite to eat I wouldn't at all tell people not to go.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Their quality has gone way down hill. (Using grocery store taco shells) and shredded beef so tough you have to spit it out after a half hour of chewing. They've gotten lazy. Too bad, used to be good.

ChristianZ said...

And I almost ate there the other day.