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Monday, December 18, 2006

Rancho del Zocalo - Review #1

Date of Visits: October 9 and December 21, 2006
Rancho del Zocalo
@ Disneyland Park

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Rancho del Zocalo - Signage

Working on a full-fledged review of Rancho del Zocalo inside Disneyland with plenty of pictures. For now I wanted to point out that they have the same holiday-themed pastel de tres leches cake that Cocina Cucamonga at Disney's California Adventure has except that here it looks more genuinely holiday-themed but is not promoted as much.

Rancho del Zocalo - Pastel de Tres Leches

Here's the rest of the pictures:

Rancho del Zocalo - Interior

Usually I'm pretty good at not putting up a review until it's really done. This review, however, is coming together piecemeal due to holidays, weddings in the family, etc. The first visit to Rancho del Zocalo for this review was on October 9 when I was at Disneyland with a couple of my brothers (Dave & Scottie, Lee & Lara and Emma & Eva & Ben and Ella, and Gary & Wendy) and their families and with Marissa, Avalon, Kobe, and Cashel who joined with us a little later in the day. It wasn't even me who suggested we eat Mexican food when it came time for dinner. It was Dave. Rancho del Zocalo is in Frontierland right next to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It's hosted by Ortega (the people that make the canned salsa) and does the Mexican theme fairly well with a little imagery from the old American South-West thrown in.

The next visit was about two months later by which time I was a Disneyland Annual Passholder so I could do stuff like just go to Disneyland for lunch and take some pictures in the daytime (but I also rode Big Thunder Mountain just before leaving).

Rancho del Zocalo - Painting

I tried some of Marissa's citrus fire-grilled chicken which was surprisingly moist and tantalizingly flavorful:

Rancho del Zocalo - Grilled Citrus Chicken

For myself I ordered their Carne Asada/Red Enchilada Platter. The entrees are dished out for you when you order them.

Rancho del Zocalo - Carne Asada/Red Enchilada Platter

You can get kids' meals that are served on a dish shaped like the iconic Mickey Mouse ears:

Rancho del Zocalo - Kid's Meal

The most colorful tortilla soup I've ever seen:

Rancho del Zocalo - Tortilla Soup

Rancho del Zocalo - Red Enchilada Platter

Rancho del Zocalo - Rancho del Zocalo - Rancho del Zocalo -

Rancho del Zocalo - Exterior

Rancho del Zocalo - Exterior #2

I love this painting here:

Rancho del Zocalo - Cowboy Painting

When I went back the second time I got very creative and ordered the exact same entree I had ordered before, the Carne Asada/Red Enchilada Platter:

Rancho del Zocalo - Carne Asada/Red Enchilada Platter #2

Rancho del Zocalo - Old Mexican Door

Rancho del Zocalo - Fountain

Rancho del Zocalo - Patio

Just like Cocina Cucamonga in Disney's California Adventure and Tortilla Jo's in Downtown Disney, Rancho del Zocalo is not fantabulous but still a little better than you expect it'll be going in and therefore earns a four "Panchito" rating:

Panchito Panchito Panchito Panchito

Check out the complete photo album (30 photos so far) at flickr.

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