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Friday, December 15, 2006

Roundup #8

Here's another one of my catchup entries where I discuss things that don't fit nice and neatly into a particular restaurant review.

Taco Time

Taco Time - Exterior

While driving around Garden Grove recently I saw that there is now a Taco Time in Orange County (see my report of Taco Time from when I was up in Utah last June). I wondered if it had been there all along but then saw a banner mentioning that their Grand Opening is December 15th and 16th and that they are having a two-for-one sale those two days. So, if you are in the area try to stop by today or tomorrow to take advantage of their grand opening special.

Taco Time - Exterior #2

Taco Time
10832 Katella Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92804

Taco Time - Drive-thru Menu Board

Taco Time Official Site

Restaurant Roundup

Some of the non-Mexican restaurants I've been to since the last roundup include: Kung Pao Bowl (love the paintings on their walls), Angelo's & Vinci's (this place is huge; you could get lost in it), Pagolac, Market Broiler (twice), Cathay Newport (you get a lot of food at a great price), Funashin, Johnny Rockets, Wei's Chinese Restaurant, Kabuki, Broadway Pizza & Grill, Park Ave., Ebisu, Ruby's, and Frenzy Sushi.
Frenzy Sushi
Visited Frenzy Sushi last Wednesday night with "Beach," Joy & Carter, "Elmo" from the Monster Munching blog, "ChubbyPanda" from the Epicurious Wanderer blog, and Nguyen from the Oh-So Yummy blog. Our little group of Orange County food lovers is growing, but we still miss having SqueezeOC's Omar along with us. Each of the bloggers present will be posting their own separate review.

Frenzy Sushi

Frenzy Sushi #1

Identify the famous food bloggers:

Frenzy Sushi #2

This is the "Sombre-Roll" ("Sombrero" combined with "Roll" . . . get it?), with spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber and jalapenos:

Frenzy Sushi #3

Frenzy Sushi #4

Find out what's featured in this blurry shot in somebody else's review:

Frenzy Sushi #5

Some of the Mexican restaurants I've already reviewed but have been back to for non-review purposes since the last roundup include: Las Barcas, Taco Rosa, Taco Bell, Taleo Mexican Grill, Gabbi's, Azteca's (the mom and pop place near my mom and pop's place), Baja Fish Taco (the location near South Coast Plaza), and El Torito (but this particular visit to El Torito was just for karaoke where I performed "I Will Survive," "La Bamba," "Baby Got Back," and "Islands in the Stream.") Have also been to Ernie Jr.'s Taco House in Glendale a couple of times.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cathay Newport is a nice little place. On my list of inexpensive eateries that serve egregious amounts of food.

- Chubbypanda