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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Rodrigo's - The UnReview

Date of Visit: December 8, 2007
15101 Goldenwest St.
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 839-4950

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Rodrigo's Mexican Grill in Huntington Beach

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Whenever I get ready to go to a Mexican restaurant as part of a big group event I always get revved up thinking I'll be able to get tons of pictures of different dishes and everybody's opinion on the dishes they each got but at the end of each such occasion I realize that the focus of the event was more on socializing than on food.


My recent visit to Rodrigo's was just such an event seeing as how it was for two different birthdays in the family. Rodrigo's is in the spot at Goldenwest and Bolsa that used to be a Don Jose's Ricardo, then was torn down and a completely new building arose in its place that is now Ricardo's. Oddly enough, during my first visit to Rodrigo's I ordered the exact same dish, the Arroz con Camarones y Pollo, that I ordered during my last visit to Don Jose's Ricardo.

The food at Rodrigo's is not a lot different than the food from the place that used to be there but the decor is definitely a little snazzier. Here are some pictures from my family's dual birthday party visit to Rodrigo's:


The Botana Platter: "Rodrigo’s finest combination of Nachos, a grilled Quesadilla, Taquitos, Mexi-Wings, and Potato Skins stuffed with Chunky Chicken and melted cheese, garnished with guacamole, jalapenos, and sour cream. $9.99":


My Arroz con Camarones y Pollo, "Marinated tender shrimp and grilled chicken breast sautéed with peppers and chiles in a mild Jalapeno garlic butter. Served on a bed of Mexican rice and topped with our Red Chile sauce and olives. $12.49":







Deep-fried Ice Cream



Got this great rainbow shot before heading in. If you look close you can see that it's actually a double rainbow:


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Anonymous said...

Why did they tear down Don Jose's? That is/was my favorite restaurant in the whole world. I moved away a few years ago, but grew up eating there, and always went there at least once a week.

As long as the food is the same, I will be happy.

ChristianZ said...

Yeah, at my last visit to Don Jose's it seemed like they had plenty of business.

Rodrigo Silveira said...

I loved Don Jose's. Such a shame it's gone now...

Anonymous said...

Rodrigo's and Don Jose/Ricardo's are all related. They use the same ingredients and the menu items are the same but the names of the entree's are different. The salsa, tacos burritos, all the sauces, exactly the same :)

ChristianZ said...

Thanks. I thought there might be a connection.