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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Super Pollo - Review #1

Super Pollo
1731 Superior Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92627-3614
(949) 642-7574

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Super Pollo 010

Here's Shelly, our Costa Mesa correspondent, reporting on a place I told her I thought I'd seen before while driving around. Basically all I said to her was, "I think I've seen some place in Costa Mesa that has a cartoon chicken on it." She said she knew the place and had been there before and about two weeks later her review was submitted.

You've seen it for years if you live in the neighborhood, or pass through on Newport Boulevard. It's tucked back just a little on Superior. There's a chicken wearing a cape painted on the front, hence the name. If you haven't been there, and you should go there, it's a Grilled Chicken/Mexican Restaurant that's been in operation since 1984. It's mainly a place to get good take out, since there's only ten seats inside the small grill, plus three more tables outside. It's well kept and the employees have always been Super Friendly, pardon the pun.

Super Pollo 005

I've eaten there about six times. One can't go there (initially anyway) without getting the Grilled Chicken with Garlic Lemon Butter -- Its flavor always draws me back for more. When ordering the Grilled Chicken, you'll get to pick a seasoning. The picture taken of the partial menu shows the options. This visit I opted for the ¼ Chicken Meal with a leg and thigh (vs. a breast and wing), which comes with beans, rice and tortillas, corn or flour.

Super Pollo 006

This time I also tried their Taquitos. The meal comes with four Taquitos, rice, beans and guacamole. Since I wanted to try both the Beef and Chicken Taquitos, I ordered ½ and ½, which isn't a problem if you wish to do the same. I wanted to try their beef, but when I got to them, I learned they were all chicken. They must have forgotten -- I was chatting them up quite a bit. Now I have another reason to go back. Please note, the chicken ones were perfect, crispy with nice pieces of white meat chicken inside. The salsa is also worth mentioning -- It's spicy with a really great flavor.

Super Pollo 008

Super Pollo 009

To add a little weight to this assessment, I'll give you some related background about me. I once worked for the El Pollo Loco Corporation for about two years. One requirement for all corporate employees is to work in a restaurant once a year, which I did twice. In doing so, I learned a lot about grilling chicken and making salsa, therefore I respect it when others can make it just as good, if not better. Super Pollo does it right.

Super Pollo 015

Super Pollo also offers Burritos, Tacos and a few other items. The place is too small to take a picture of the full posted menu. For guidance when you get there, the chicken items are on the left of the menu and a variety of beef (Carne Asada) and fish items are on the right. In the event you've been confused on just how to get there, just take Superior North until it practically ends, or South where it virtually begins, then you can't miss it.

Super Pollo 012

Note: Take a look at the pictures, the blue door in front appears to be the main entrance, but it's not. It's the entry into the kitchen, employees only. You will enter through the side door with all the stickers.

Thanks, Shelly!

Super Pollo 017

Super Pollo 020

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Johnny Automatic said...

hey Shelly, glad to see you review this place. A friend of mine in Costa Mesa keeps telling me to try it but it never seems to be meal time when I'm near there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Shelly!!! Perfect review. I love the photos. I'm headed down their now for the fist time!