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Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Burrito, RIP?

I don't know much about this place except that I always intended to go there and never went but instead went to another Mexican place in the same parking lot. Now it's closed down . . . or at least appears to be. This Happy Burrito location was at Magnolia and Atlanta in Huntington Beach and there was another one near Fairview and Warner in Santa Ana that also closed down recently and became another Mexican restaurant. You do have to admire the optimistic name they had.

1 comment:

Johnny Automatic said...

I'm sure a lot of restaurants aren't going to make it through the combination of higher food prices and consumers cutting back on eating out. I have noticed almost all the cheap taquerias have makeshift changes to their prices lately. Too thin a margin to keep the 89-99 cent tacos anymore.

Even Carnitas Los Reyes raised their prices!