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Friday, May 16, 2008

Tacos Pepe - Review #1

Tacos Pepe
918 N Glassell St, #D
Orange, CA 92867
(714) 538-9721

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I used to work near Tacos Pepe over a decade ago and often ate here. Recently I had the chance to go back with some friends.

Tacos Pepe is easy to drive by and over look. It is situated in a rundown looking strip mall on the northwest corner of Glassell and Collins in Orange. But on the other side of those mirrored windows is some good authentic Mexican food. In fact it is so authentic that you might need to brush up on your restaurant Spanish. No English was spoken by the cashier the day we went. They served the usual assortment of tacos, burritos, tortas, tostadas and quesadillas. They also have some less common items like pork chops and short ribs. They also serve seafood and a full breakfast menu. They have soft drinks and agua frescas for beverages. I enjoyed an excellent fresh strawberry agua fresca the day I went.


Several of us had the carnitas in various forms. Here it is served in a burrito mojado or wet burrito. Served ala carte you get some chips and marinated carrots as garnish. The burrito mojado is just over $5 and is a really good deal. Regular burritos run just over $4.


Kay also had two carnitas tacos along with her taquitos. She reported that they were both very good.


I had the enchiladas de mole poblana. 3 chicken filled enchiladas were covered with an intense mole sauce. It had a strong chocolate component along with a number of spices. The spices reminded me of the ones in al pastor - a touch Middle Eastern or Indian. I've had more refined versions, but few with more gusto.


They served batter coated, fried fish tacos, but with lettuce instead of cabbage. As with most places the full plates come with Mexican rice and refried beans which are fine but pretty standard.

There's nothing fancy about the insides - just about a dozen 4-person booths and tables. But I don't go to little hole-in-the-walls like this for the atmosphere, just the food. And Tacos Pepe delivers there. 3¾ Speedys

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