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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Free Tacos at Jack in the Box

(CLICK HERE for information about free tacos that Jack in the Box is giving away on February 24, 2009.)

According to the Fast Food Maven blog the sometimes clowny, sometimes not so clowny fast food chain Jack in the Box will be giving away two free tacos on Thursday, June 26th, to anyone who brings in a gas receipt. Maybe every June 26th from now on can be Two Free Tacos Day. Yes, Jack in the Box tacos are deep-fried and I believe they have been that way since the 1970's. Since its beginnings in the 1950's until the 1970's Jack in the Box had a very cartoony, clowny image. When the 1980's came they completely changed their tune and decided to "Blow Up The Clown," complete with commercials showing all the clown heads being blown off each restaurant. In the clown's place they adopted a more serious image and menu items for the "more discerning" fast food palate. Their spokesman in place of Jack the clown was now a very 1980's businessman with not much more life than most stuffed suits. I did predict back then that the company would ultimately bring back Jack but not until sometime in the 1990's . . . and they did and it has been a very long-running and successful ad campaign. Anyways, here's one of their taco commercials from 1976:

Now Jack in the Box just has to bring back their Chicken Monster Tacos that were in the red corn shells.

Official Two Free Tacos Page


tomlovestacos said...

I love anything that's free, especially if it's free Jack in the Box food. How many people here are going to go out tomorrow and get themselves some of that free taco action event of the millennia?

Just go into any Jack in the Box with a valid gad receipt and there you go!!!!!!!!! Free tacos for you and your mom to eat. Log on to for more info. I work with Jack!

ChristianZ said...

Tell Jack I want him to bring back those cartoon characters that they use to give out action figures of in the early 1970s. And the Chicken Monster Tacos. And Frings. And the Dinners in the Box. And the Pizza Pockets. And Outlaw Burgers. Once he brings those back I'll talk to him about some other items that need to come back.

Also, I've made your link clickable:

Two Free Tacos

And, can Jack Box ever call me? We could have an interesting discussion seeing as how I was the one guy in the 1980s who predicted he would come back in the 1990s.

Captain said...

Yeah, bring back frings and the chili cheese curly fries.

I was so addicted to the latter I needed an intervention.

Kyle Hill said...

Hi. Me and my parents wish to know why Jack In The Box got rid of it's full sized breakfast they used to have in the 80s/90s?

Here is the recap.

My parents and I used to live in Northern California in the 80s/90s and when we traveled across the state our morning choice was Jack In The Box which used to have full size courses.

I am not talking about the various sandwiches. I am referring to full size pancakes/French Toast with eggs and hasbrowns or bacon on the side.etc all for a decent price.

You could get 2 slices of pancakes for between 2 or 3$ and they were filling.
For a family of 3 it used to cost around 10 which today it costs over 20$

We moved up to Oregon in the late 90s which they had not a singe store until 2002 and then it spread fast and we found out the hard way the breakfast menu downsized.

Also why did it take so long for Jack In The Box to come up to Oregon?

Salem went from having zero in the late 90s to having 3 by 2004.

ChristianZ said...

I can't answer all your questions but I worked at Jack in the Box from '86 to '88 and they didn't have French toast. Pancakes came later. I guess chains will sometimes have regional differences.