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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Rollie's Bakery & Mexican Cafe

Rollie's Bakery & Mexican Cafe
14071 Newport Ave
Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 669-8300

Tuesday-Sunday 6am-8pm; Closed Monday

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(This review was originally a reprint of a review that appeared at the Monster Munching blog. When it came to my attention that there could be copyright issues since the review also appeared at the OC Weekly I then went to Rollie's and took a few of my own pictures.)





I had just eaten lunch elsewhere so I only picked up a couple pastries during this visit but I'll be back to sample their lunch items sometime.

Here's some more pictures from a subsequent visit:





Click here to see the whole photo album (17 photos) at .

Read Edwin Goei's (aka "ElmoMonster") review at Monster Munching or at the OC Weekly. Or go a little crazy and click on both links.

UPDATE: Here's some chicken enchiladas I got on June 24, 2009:



elmomonster said...

So, did you like it?! Whaddayathink?

ChristianZ said...

Well, yeah, I liked it. It's just that my visit there was scathingly quick. I took a picture of the exterior, went in and grabbed some pastries to go, and paid for them and took off. The girl ringing me up said , "You'll have to come back and get some of our lunch stuff sometime." When I got back to my place I ate the excellent creme horn thingie then rushed off to my cousin's wedding reception . . . where everybody asked me how my Mexican blog is doing.

Anonymous said...

I love mexican food and I must agree that they have great sweet bread. Unfortunately, the food is not mexican. I love the owner he's great and super friendly! But the food lacks heat, spices and just a mexican touch you can find from even taco bell!! Too bad because I really wanted to like it.

ChristianZ said...

Well, go back and ask them to spice it up. A lot of Mexican places around here have to tone things down for a primarily gringo customer base but are able to spice things up for those who want it that way.

aldhaherivip said...

I love there FOOD!! Its yummy!! The owners r so Nice!! My Bf loves their food.... and he hates mexican food....

I hope they stay in business!!

FOoood is GREAT!!!!! Go try it!!!

Melissa from Irvine

aldhaherivip said...

The food is great.. The owners r really Nice!!! I love stoping in for anything hehe...m

Melissa from Irvine