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Monday, September 08, 2008

El Cholo - 85 Years Young

to see our entire El Cholo in Orange County coverage all at once. My site traffic tells me people come here looking for info on El Cholo in Orange County but they don't click that link above that will take them to the information they are looking for so I am going to keep making the link bigger until people see it. Or HERE to see our entire El Cholo coverage in LA County.

El Cholo Free Meal

El Cholo Logo
As one of the longest running Mexican restaurants in the greater Southern California area (since it started in 1923) the El Cholo chain is about to hit its eighty-five year mark. On that day, October 27, 2008, they will be offering area teachers, firefighters and police officers a free meal beginning at 5pm, as is their annual tradition.

El Cholo Cantina -

"In addition, all proceeds from meal sales that night to those employed in other walks of life will go to childrens' charities, selected by each restaurant. In the past five years, El Cholo has raised nearly $150,000 for charity from those who have come to honor our heroes with us."

This "anniversary offer is valid at the El Cholo restaurants in La Habra and Irvine, as well as our new restaurant, Café Maiz, in Mission Viejo."

Cafe El Cholo - Sign

Click here to download the flyer (in PDF format). Click here to get details of this offer as it relates to LA County.





The El Cholo chain has three restaurants in Orange County and we have covered them all. See our complete coverage by CLICKING HERE.


Diamond Dog said...

Is this an ad for El Cholo?

Sorry, but even though they have been around forever, El Cholo has got to be one of the most over rated restaurants. Chips and salsa taste like stuff you buy at a grocery store.

Even their fabled green corn tamales are average at best. Overly sweet, uninspired filling, and small.

I never understood the hype about this place and I have eaten here so many time (it used to be an account I called on).

And they all seem the same whether it be the one in Whittier, Los Angeles, or Irvine.

ChristianZ said...

It's not an ad as much as it is an announcement. In addition to this blog chronicling my experiences at Mexican restaurants in the county it is also about disseminating information about the same subject. So if a restaurant has an event coming up that they want me to mention then I'll give it a mention.

Diamond Dog said...

So what do you think of the food at El Cholo? Am I totally off base on my take on it?

ChristianZ said...

I left a comment on your blog asking for your e-mail address.