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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Moreno's - Review #3 (Brunch)

Moreno's Mexican Restaurant
4328 E Chapman Ave
Orange, CA 92869
(714) 639-2181

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This review may be setting a new record at this blog. It is the first restaurant that has been reviewed three times . . . and all by guest reviewers. Phil gave us our original review of Moreno's but then we lost his pictures. Later on Matt gave us another review of Moreno's and fortunately we still have his great photos. Now Johnny Automatic is back with a report on brunch at Moreno's. If you want to see all this coverage at once just click on the "moreno's" label at the end of this entry.

Moreno's is a staple in Orange having been around for almost 40 years. It's a landmark for that reason and because part of the complex is a historic old church that serves as a banquet hall these days. Most of the dining occurs on there big shaded patio. It gives any visit a real fiesta feel to it. You also can dine indoors. Recently I was invited to a big birthday bash held during Moreno's Sunday brunch. Like a lot of Sunday brunches they serve cheap sparkling wine with the meal. Nothing kills a day quicker than a big Mexican Champagne Brunch - a couple glasses of champagne and the carb heavy Mexican food almost always is followed by a nap that lasts until evening.


Carnitas burrito served wet

While some of us had the complimentary sham-pagne, others enjoyed margaritas. They make a very good marg here. We enjoyed beverages along with chips, salsa and escabeche.

Albondigas soup

Chorizo enchiladas

For Sunday brunch they have their full menu plus some breakfast type items all running $11.95. Technically these are the dishes that come with the free champagne, but in a big group they offer it to everyone. The breakfast items include classic Mexican offerings like Huevos Rancheros, machaca and chilaquiles along with American style omelets and other egg dishes. Several people in our party ordered the omelets which were well prepared and served with the standard rice and beans.

Cheese enchiladas

I ventured out to try a specialty of Moreno's - the chorizo's enchiladas. I had high hopes for this dish but found it unbelievably bland. There really was nothing special about this specialty. But it seems I just made a bad choice on a menu full of items that others all enjoyed. The best part of my meal was the albondigas soup that started it. It was a very good version of this classic.

Chicken Fajitas

Bacon and cheese omelet

The halibut steak and chcken fajitas looked especially good and the people ordering them seemed to enjoy them quite a lot.


Halibut Steak Platter

Lots of big groups fill the tables for Sunday brunch, many celebrating events. There is a live mariachi band playing throughout the patio all of which lends a real party atmosphere. If you want to get the gang together and have a celebration then Moreno's is a great place to do it.

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