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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Del Taco Orange Shake Reboot

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Del Taco Orange Shake

Just found out that Del Taco has brought back the Orange Shake again. This time around it tastes a little more like their original orange shake than their orange and cream shake they had about two years ago . . . but with so many months and years in between each of my orange shake tastings I could be wrong and maybe they've always used the exact same formula. I also had somebody tell me recently that the orange shake was a Naugles item that got ported over to the Del Taco menu. We have extensive coverage of Naugles that you can read by clicking here, and we're crossing our fingers that Del Taco will bring back some of the Naugles items (although a couple secret Naugles items are still available). I think it'd be a marketing coup d'├ętat if they made such a move. "Move over, Coke Classic, here comes Naugles." And we get about 30 - 40 hits a day here from people looking for Naugles info.

Oh, and there's also orange iced tea at Del Taco now. You can also read our extensive Del Taco coverage by clicking here. Good things come to those who click.

And here is a picture of a Naugles hat I just found at Kids Prefer Cheese:

UPDATE: Just got this press release from Del Taco:

(LAKE FOREST, CA) July 15, 2009 – This summer, consumers may not be indulging in expensive vacations, but they can certainly chill out with an old favorite as Del Taco brings back its delicious classic Orange Shake. In addition to the Orange Shake, Del Taco is introducing a new freshly brewed Orange Iced Tea combining fresh brewed tea with a splash of citrus orange.

"Orange is a great flavor for summer and our new orange flavored beverages offer a delicious, refreshing chill to any summer day," said John Cappasola, vice president of marketing at Del Taco. "Our customers have told us that they love our Orange Shake and we think they'll love our new Orange Iced Tea too."

The Orange Shake sells for $2.59, and Orange Iced Tea sells for $1.59. Del Taco continues to offer the popular Strawberry Shake ($2.59) and Strawberry Lemonade ($1.59)
Price and participation may vary.

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