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Monday, February 12, 2007

Gabbi's Quicker Stop/Ciudad

Went on Saturday to a small Mexican restaurant for lunch (review coming in about a week) and on the way back I was driving by Gabbi's so I stopped for dessert. Tried their new version of flan that comes with caramelized pineapple chunks and guava sauce and toasted coconut (I had to have it sans coconut):

Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen - Flan

I was recently contacted by Oscar from Ciudad magazine to offer my opinion on what places in OC have the best guacamole and the best margaritas. Since I don't drink alcohol I asked for a virgin strawberry margarita at Gabbi's. When Gabbi herself found out why I had ordered it she said, "We also have really good guacamole here," and I realized that in my dozen or so visits there I don't think I ever tried their guacamole, at least not as a separate item for judging purposes. Oh well, I'll be back there again for sure.

Anyways, if any readers have opinions to offer on good guacamole and margaritas in the county please leave a comment.


El said...

guac - taco adobe in santa ana. TA will soon open a second place, right by the circle in orange. my prayers have been answered.

ChristianZ said...

I still have to go to Taco Adobe sometime. Finally at least got a visual on the location about a week and a half ago.

El said...

lots of food to love there Christian. fish tacos, blackened calamari, the nachos. yes nachos. they are actually light and delicious, not too heavy on the cheese but super heavy on the flavor. they have two off-menu salsas. ask for the "other" salsa and the salsa chipotle.