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Monday, April 20, 2009

Knott's Fiesta Mexicana

"Knott's Berry Farm will be filled with the sights, sounds and delicious tastes of an authentic Mexican Fiesta with music, dance, activities, and foods honoring the rich culture of our Mexican communities during the weekends of April 25 through May 10. Amidst vibrant banners, colorful Mexican serapes and bright pi├▒atas, Knott's Fiesta Mexicana will offer a full day of entertainment and activities for the entire family."

Official Site (from 2008)


RJ said...

We attended the Fiesta Mexicana opening weekend and were glad we did. The Fiesta Village section of the park, along with parts of Ghost Town were decorated for the occassion. Folklorico dancers and entertainers performed throughout the day, and the food was terrific. Throughout the park, there were portable vendor stands set up selling traditional foods. There was a stand next to the Screamin' Swing that sold fresh fajita burritos. They were unbelievable! It came with homemade salsa that was some of the best I have ever tasted. We also tried the deep fried ice cream which was for sale at a booth near "Coasters Diner" in the back of the park. Again, it was delicious. The only problem with the event that I saw was that the booths were not clearly marked, and many walked by without even knowing what was going on. Otherwise, it was a great first-time event with surprisingly delicious food. Later that evening, we attended a wine tasting and food event at Disney's California Adventure, and both agreed that the food at Knott's was better. Check it out this weekened if you can!

ChristianZ said...

Thanks for the report!

Diamond Dog said...

Review Requests:

I would love to see a review on a couple of things:

Places that have fried tacos (not taquitos). Seems like no one talks about them

Seafood Taco Trucks. There are these taco trucks with glowing seafood creatures on them (ie giant octopus). Wondering what they serve and how good it is. Gueeing its mostly seafood dishes like ceviche

Places not known for Mexican Food that have great Mexican Food. Like how Jack In the Box has those tasty tacos that have all the mystery fillings, or how the Southwest Chicken Salad at Spoons is sooooo awesome. Do any places where Mexicans work put out good Mexican Food? I remember Elmo posting a review about the cafeteria at Hoag hospital once.

Just throwin out some ideas.

ChristianZ said...

I saw a seafood taco truck about an hour ago as I was heading to the bank.

I've covered a number of Jack in the Box things including their fried tacos and mentioned obscure items such as the Chicken Monster Tacos.

There's also a number of entries here about places that are not Mexican restaurants but that have good Mexican items on their menus.

But I still have many such places to cover. Thanks for the suggestions.