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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tacos & Co. to Franchise Restaurants

Tacos & Co - Exterior

This entry doesn't exactly fit with our normal content here but I'm posting it since people are always searching for Mexican restaurant franchises to get into so here's a press release from Tacos & Co. about their franchising plans:

NEW YORK – NY The fresh and bold flavors of Tacos & Co. may be coming to a neighborhood near you! Tacos & Co., Orange County's wildly popular Mexican restaurants renowned for their authentic cuisine, has just announced that they have become a franchise company. Although the current focus is to offer franchise opportunities in Southern California, trends point to the restaurant's increased popularity - and with that, opportunities for locations throughout the state, West Coast, nationally and eventually internationally.

Tacos & Co. Founder/Owner Francisco Hernandez turned to franchise industry giant Francorp - whose successes include Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs, Pizzeria Uno, Johnny Rocket's, Le Croissant Shops, Bread Basket and Popeye's Fried Chicken - to initiate this new phase for the company. Since the opening of his first restaurant in 1991, Tacos & Co. has gained a following in the Orange County area, leading to its expansion to five locations (and counting). However, besides building a successful company, the journey from immigrant to restaurateur is what many find to be most impressive about Hernandez. After laboring in such jobs as picking grapes and washing dishes, he moved permanently to Los Angeles at the age of sixteen, became a United States citizen in 1986, attended California State University at Long Beach, and continued in the restaurant business.

In creating Tacos & Co. and its menu, Hernandez drew inspiration from home-style favorites and the street-food stands of his youth, resulting in traditional Mexican standards and combinations tailored for Southern California tastes. Known for his dedication to authenticity and fresh, homemade food, ingredients are not shipped from a warehouse – they are bought fresh and prepared daily at each location. As a way of giving back, Tacos & Co. offers a phenomenal 50% off all food to students who attend area colleges (Tuesdays and Thursdays with valid student ID) and high schools (Fridays, accompanied by an adult). In addition, Francisco has created Tacos & Co.'s own ingenious fundraising program, which allows students and charitable organizations to create and promote their own fundraising events at Tacos & Co., with a portion of all sales going to the school or organization. Francisco even allows "volunteers" to work in the restaurant for the night to really make each event their own!

"The time is right to expand our concept of Mexican dining to other areas and markets," said Hernandez of his decision to franchise. "I am excited about the prospect of seeing Tacos & Co. restaurants in neighborhoods across the country and eventually around the globe."

Taco & Co. restaurants are currently located in Westminster, Santa Ana, Irvine, Newport Beach and Brea, CA.

For more information on Francisco Hernandez and Tacos & Co., please contact:

Tracey Henry
Type A Media
212-226 - 3175 (P)
212-226 - 3978 (F)

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