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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Chipotle Opening in Huntington Beach

People have been searching for information on when the new Chipotle will open in Huntington Beach and I have just received word that it'll open this Friday, December 5th. I stopped by about ten days ago and even though it was only 5:15pm it was still so dark already that the picture turned out very poorly:


Trust me, it looks a lot better than that in person. I'll try to get some better pictures soon (unless an enterprising reader wants to beat me to it and submit some) and might even get there on opening day. The location is on Beach Blvd., I think between Heil and Edinger on the west side of the street. And do me a favor, when you go there and you want a Barbacoa Burrito please don't ask for a Barracuda Burrito.

UPDATE (Dec. 3): Here's a photo taken today and it shows a sign now with the opening date:


More information can be found at the Fast Food Maven blog.


Anonymous said...

don't believe the hype, chipotle exploits farmworkers:

ChristianZ said...

I'm not a huge Chipotle fan myself but people wanted to know when the HB location was opening so I told them.

gandhabonik said...

Chipotle is somewhat ok. My colleagues always want to go there, and it's so crowded that it irritates me. Thank God, table can be booked by phone and would allow us to find a table. Then we don't have to wait in queue.