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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ruby's Diner

Ruby's Diner
13102 Newport Ave
Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 838-7829

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(Disclaimer: This blog is not just about Mexican restaurants in Orange County but also about Mexican food that can be found in non-Mexican restaurants in Orange County.)


When you "Shooby-Dooby down to Ruby's" next be aware that the old-fashioned-style food chain has more than just hamburgers, shakes, and fries but also has a few Mexican items as well.

When I went to their Tustin location a couple weeks ago I tried their fish tacos. You can also get chicken, shrimp, veggie, or carnitas tacos, (The veggie tacos come on whole wheat tortillas and you can get a lo-carb version of the chicken soft tacos.) but you can't mix and match them. After ordering my tacos I wondered if I should've ordered a side dish to go with them but they were plenty filling. You get sour cream and guacamole on the side and a couple kinds of McIlhenny's Tabasco sauce to use to your liking. The fish had likely been frozen just prior to cooking but was flaky and flavorful enough to get me a good Mexican food fix at a non-Mexican place.


UPDATE: Here's a picture of when I got huevos rancheros at the Ruby's Moto-Diner at the Irvine Spectrum. Don't know why the picture turned out so bad.



melissa said...

Well that's about what I would expect.

I went there yesterday, how funny. I got takeout for me and Steve because I was craving a Patty Melt and they were the only place nearby that had one that was also open.

Killer onion rings.

ChristianZ said...

Yeah, they've got good Patty Melts there.

Captain said...

Yuck, Tabasco Sauce on tacos.....

ChristianZ said...

When I was writing this entry I tried to remember if I even used any of it. It may surprise people but I hardly ever use Tabasco sauce. Not never ever but hardly ever.

Captain said...

Doesn't surprise me. That stuff is nothing but flavored vinegar, and I can't think of any condiment I'd rather not have on a taco, except for maybe mustard. (I once knew someone who put mustard on his tacos, by the way)

Gotta have pico de gallo, a nice cooked red sauce, or, my longtime standby, a bottle of Pico Pica, hot variety.

ChristianZ said...

Every once in a while I'll put the green stuff on huevos rancheros. I'm not even sure that stuff is a Mexican creation. With a name like McIlhenny's it's probably Irish.