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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Best Breakfast Burrito in Irvine

No surprise to longtime readers but I am always analyzing the traffic for this site in many different ways. What has surprised me is how often people search for information on the "best breakfast burritos in irvine," with similar searches for other OC cities rarely turning up at all. Why would that one city be the most popular one out of all Orange County? I still don't know the answer but if anybody has any insight let me know.

I'm not even much of a burrito guy but recently set out to try all the breakfast burritos in Irvine I could. My quest may never end (as with the overall quest of this entire blog) but I'll update this entry every time I try a new contestant. And let me just say that I don't care where the breakfast burrito comes from. It doesn't have to come from a "Mexican" restaurant per se; it can come from any place that sells food and also happens to have breakfast burritos on the menu. So here's pictures (and possibly descriptions and comments) of the burritos I have come across so far.

Mimi's Cafe

Chipotle Breakfast Burrito

"Stuffed with scrambled eggs, shredded beef, green onions, cilantro and black beans. Topped with chipotle sauce and melted cheeses. Served with red skin potatoes."


Official Site


Sausage Breakfast Burrito


Official Site

Tacos & Co.

Chorizo Burrito


Official Site

Las Fajitas



I can't remember what this breakfast burrito was called. Las Fajitas has three or four to choose from but they no longer have an official website because, as they told me, nobody ever looked at it.

La Sirena Grill

Picadillo Burrito

"Organic scrambled eggs, Niman Ranch sausage mixed with peppers, onions, garlic and choice of rice or pinto beans."


I already wrote about this burrito in an entry on the breakfast at the La Sirena Grill in Irvine. It can be read by clicking on the 'la sirena grill' label at the end of this entry.

Official Site


McSkillet Burrito


My comments: More rustic than you would think coming from McDonald's.

Official Site

Carl's Jr.

Big Country Breakfast Burrito

My comments: nobody remembers that Taco Bell used to have a Country Breakfast Burrito with gravy in it. Now Taco Bell doesn't but Carl's does.

Official Site

Tortilla Grill

Machaca Burrito
"4 eggs scrambled with shredded beef and pico de gallo stuffed in a handmade flour tortilla with jack/cheddar cheese and beans."



My comments: This burrito was huge.

Taco Factory

Machaca Burrito
Taco Factory Exterior


My comments: This was an okay breakfast burrito. The interesting thing about it is that they serve it to you open-faced then you can roll it up yourself.

Chorizo Burrito

My comments: Similar to the machaca burrito but maybe a little better

Official Site

Jerry's Wood-fired Dogs

Hot Link Breakfast Burrito



"Jalapeño hot link chopped with freshly scrambled eggs, grilled onions & peppers, with cheddar and pepper jack cheese. Served with a side of fresh salsa."

Official Site


DanGarion said...

The difference from that Carl's burrito and the Taco Bell burrito, was that the Taco Bell one was actually sort of good, with it's little pebbles of sausage, that one would mistake for rabbit poo if they found it on the ground... :)

ChristianZ said...

Good to see somebody else remembers the Taco Bell country breakfast burrito.

Sandlady said...

Have you tried "A's Burgers" breakfast burritos? They are hands down my favorite, theres one off of Avery and another in Dana Point off PCH.

ChristianZ said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll add them to my Go To list.

Anonymous said...

The reason 'best breakfast burrito' keywords are always associated with 'irvine' and not other cities is because republicans love breakfast burritos, you should run a cross analysis between other republican cities, and I think you find this to be a fact

ChristianZ said...

Well, nobody ever searches on "best breakfast burrito yorba linda."

DanGarion said...

I'm not a republican and I love breakfast burritos!

ChristianZ said...

Maybe I should start a "Republican Breakfast Burrito" blog.

hfrstar said...

A's is by far the freaking best breakfast burrito in orange county. PERIOD

and im a republican who likes breakfast burritos. wait republicans suck too, they'll just screw us up slower than the democrats

Scott said...

Nice blog. I came across it today because I searched for "best breakfast burrito in Irvine". I work in Irvine and I crave a large, delicious breakfast burrito and I just can't find any nearby. I think the reason people search for "best breakfast burrito in Irvine" and not really any other OC city is because you have an airport, a university, a community college, and TONS of business in Irvine. It's really a center of commerce for many. It's a pretty happening town and has a lot in it.

ChristianZ said...

Thanks for the comment. I hope the entry helped. Let me know if you ever see any other choices.