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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mini-Mex Mini-Review

Mini-Mex Everywhere
204 E Adams Ave Ste D
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(714) 536-4555

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Just a note that the old Tortilleria Hernandez in Huntington Beach has re-opened recently as "Mini-Mex Everywhere." Tortilleria Hernandez was another place that my family frequented during the last 20 years. They closed about six to nine months ago and Mini-Mex opened about three months ago. The owner of Mini Mex moved up from somewhere in Mexico (I believe Mexico City itself) when a friend told him about a Mexican restaurant that had closed down that he could re-open. So, if you were another faithful Tortilleria Hernandez patron be aware that a similar place is now in its spot and I think at least one employee is still the same as well.

Will do a full review sometime but for now here are two pictures of Mini-Mex Everywhere and their food:

Mini-Mex Exterior
Mini-Mex Exterior at Night; The Former Tortilleria Hernandez

Mini-Mex Exterior
Mini-Mex #5 Combo: Taco and Quesadilla


Here's some pictures taken on March 26, 2009. It has now been renamed Taqueria Mini Mex:







Anonymous said...

I want there not too long after they opened. Food was nothing like the original. More like the typical mom and pop mexican they have everywhere.

I grew up across the street from Tortillia Hernandez (as I call it)
My wife and family were heart broken when they closed.

Ive tried everywhere, can not find anything close to the #5 with flower I use to get nor any of their unique tastes.

If I see Antonia again, I will pay her to teach us how to prepare the food the way they did.

ChristianZ said...

Good to hear from a Tortilleria Hernandez fan. I loved that place.

BTW, flower?

Anonymous said...

#5 with flower

Chile colorado burrito in enchelada sauce, with a side of beans and rice. W/ flour tortillas for dipping.

Ive had this made at almost every new mexican food place I try and its never the same.

Theres got a be a way to contact them. They were really cool people.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't around during the tortillia hernandez days but Minimex is one of the top places in HB. The only place that can Taqueria Don Victor on Beach.

Lia H. said...

Oh my god. Tortilleria Hernandez had THE BEST rice and beans. Hands down. Knowing I'll never have those again makes me so sad. I would pay for those recipes.

geers plumber said...

would eat at tortilla hernandez three times a week. the meat in the burritos was amazing. remember the husband was hard of hearing had to yell my order to him. beef and rice burrito. I would kill to get her recipe for that beef.

ChristianZ said...

Yep, you guys are right by there.