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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Kantina Mystery Solved

2406 Newport Blvd
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Listing on's Citysearch

Official Site

I had been wondering why in the past few weeks a lot of people have been finding this site by searching on the word "kantina." I figured it was people searching for cantinas but just misspelling the word. Then I saw in the Orange County Register today that at the back of the Wine & Food section they have a review of a new restaurant called Kantina in Newport Beach. Apparently it is a high-end Mexican restaurant on the harbor with intriguing items on their menu such as Watermelon Queso Stack, Three Citrus Ceviche, Deconstructed Halibut Paella, Huachinango Tacos, Filet Mignon Burrito, and Guava Cheesecake. And it turns out that their chef, Stephane Beaucamp, was at the SOS Wild and Crazy Taco Night.

Expect our own review of Kantina here as soon as it fits into the schedule. Hard to do when there are over 300 Mexican restaurants in the county. Of course, its newness may bring it to near the top of the priority list. Everything else is so 2005.

Orange County Register Article Online

UPDATE (July 9, 2006): We now have some photos and menus up for Kantina.

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