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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Disneyland Chimichanga Carts

(READ HERE FIRST: This blog has covered all three Mexican restaurants at Disneyland and other spots in the resort where you can get Mexican food. If you are searching for such information WE HAVE IT but this one entry about the chimichanga carts is only one part of it. If you want to read all our coverage then click here or on the image of Panchito the Rooster immediately below. If you want to read about all the Mexican food at the Disneyland resort that link will take you to it.

You might've thought I've covered all the Mexican food there is to cover at Disneyland Resort but I still haven't covered their chimichanga carts. I know of one at DCA and one at Disneyland proper. There could be more. Chimichangas are basically deep-fried burritos, flour tortillas wrapped around refried beans. When I was there earlier tonight I noticed that the cart in Frontierland was also selling beef tamales as a holiday thing. As far as I can tell no salsa is provided. If you know any differently please leave a comment.

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At DCA near the Monsters Inc. ride

At DCA near the Ferris wheel

Near the Matterhorn

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Sled Dog said...

Well, on my recent foray into OC, I had only one mexican meal in Orange Disneyland's Rancho de Zocalo. I tried for another while at Knott's (La Victoria Cantina), but they ran out of food and were only serving sodas. I remember as a kid being able to get homemade churros at Knott's...before those pre-fab things became en vogue.

ChristianZ said...

At least you got a little Mexican food. I suppose you've seen our Rancho del Zocalo coverage here.

Sled Dog said...

No, I haven't so I'll look it up and see how my impressions match up. The most authentic mex food I had while in so cal was in riverside county at an old haunt in Perris called the Taquito House. It's been there for more than 40 years. Feels like I'm eating at a place in Ensenada or San Quintin.