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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Roundup #14

Time for another roundup entry, where I mention things that don't fit neatly into a traditional restaurant review.

Mexican restaurants that I've already reviewed and have eaten at since the last roundup entry include: Baja Fish Tacos (did anybody else notice their coupon stuck to the front page of The Register a couple days ago?), Javier's, Del Taco, Cancun, La Salsa, Taleo, Gabbi's, Rubio's, Taco Bell, Molcajete Grill, Taco Rosa, Las Fajitas, Aztecas, and Kantina (where I took advantage of their half-price Wednesdays).

Molcajete Grill -
Molcajete Grill

Non-Mexican restaurants I've eaten at since the last roundup entry include but are not limited to: California Fish Grill, the deli at Gelson's, Peruvian Kitchen (view flickr slideshow), Chick-Fil-A, Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store, Corner Bakery, Catal's Uva Bar, NYC Cafe, Daphne's Greek Cafe, Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Express, Romano's Macaroni Grill, BJ's, Nalu's Island Grill, Mugen Japanese Cuisine, Wasabi, Old Spaghetti Factory, Dave & Buster's, Maki Yaki, 50 Forks (twice), Curry House, Jackson Barne Classic Grill, and The Cravery.

Corner Bakery
Corner Bakery

Went about a week ago to a big food blogger meetup at Break of Dawn organized by ChubbyPanda. Polar, brekkie_fan, Eric (Vegas Buff), Veronica of Wine & Dine, Joy and Carter, and ElmoMonster were there and a few others. Before I went I had already determined to order the Eggs Benedict based on CP's review, but when I got there I noticed a couple Mexican items on their menu that I will try some other time and report on later.

Break of Dawn - Exterior

Break of Dawn - Eggs Benedict

Finally, last Tuesday night I attended a special event in Hollywood put on by Walt Disney Home Entertainment to trumpet the pending releases of the Pixar films Cars and Ratatouille to Blu-Ray DVD. All the guests were treated to some fine dining provided by some gourmet chefs, cheese sampling and made-to-order dessert crepes. Check out the photos at my flickr page.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled Mexican food programming . . . The fun never dies down here. We've definitely got more on the way, including a couple guest reviews from Johnny Automatic in the pipeline . . .


Sled Dog said...

I used to own the Chick-fil-A in Santa Monica some 20 years ago. I don't think that store is open anymore. I still grab a Chick-fil-A sandwich every once in while, as I prefer it to most fast-food outlets.

There was a lot of restaurant employment/ownership in my past!

ChristianZ said...

I found out about them when I lived in Florida. I've been numerous times since they opened the two Irvine ones.

Sled Dog said...


Have you traveled south of the border into Baja for some of your Mexican food pursuits?

joy said...

Wow, CZ, you go out to eat a lot! I wish I had that kind of time... These days I'm specializing in "what I can get on the table in 30 minutes or less," and then back to work. (sigh)

Good to see you at Break of Dawn. The food was excellent! Did you get photos of yours? Prof. Salt got a photo of mine ("pork") but it hasn't shown up on his blog (yet). Good call on the part of chubbypanda.

ChristianZ said...

Sled Dog,

Uhh . . . not much, but I did just get the latest copy of Los Cabos magazine and have been looking at all the stuff about food in it.


Yep, that's my Eggs Benedict in the last photo. And how did I not even realize Professor Salt was there?

elmomonster said...

HAHA! Prof Salt was the one across from me. Actually you can see him on the picture you took. He's standing in front of CP! Good times. Good food. Good company.

ChristianZ said...

Guess that's what happens when you have such a big group. While we were there I kept thinking we should do a musical chairs thing every ten minutes.

Chubbypanda said...

Thanks for coming to the meet-up. Glad you had a good time.