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Monday, November 19, 2007

Rose Canyon Cantina and Grill - Review #2

Date of Visit: November 10, 2007
Rose Canyon Cantina and Grill
20722 Rose Canyon Rd
Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679
(949) 766-6939

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After the Fire

Rose Canyon Cantina and Grill - Road Sign

While the wildfires of last month were raging the OC Register's Fast Food Maven Nancy Luna e-mailed me and asked, "What's the name of that place you reviewed out in Modjeska Canyon?" I gave her the name of Rose Canyon Cantina and Grill and she looked up their number and called them to see if they were safe from the fire. Co-owner Melanie Cox answered that they were alright even though they were somewhat close to the flames.

This got me to thinking that I wanted to get the word out that this nice restaurant in one of my favorite settings suffered no fire damage and they are still open for business, though I couldn't fault anyone for thinking that the location could've been burned up.

Rose Canyon Cantina and Grill - On the Way There

So I made my second trip out there, one year after my first trip. I did see some fire damage on the way but Rose Canyon Cantina and Grill is unharmed and ready to serve up some great Mexican food.

Rose Canyon Cantina and Grill - Exterior

Rose Canyon Cantina and Grill - Patio Shot

Another impetus for me going there again was that I had checked their website recently and saw that it mentioned that they had a few new menu items. That's usually a good reason for me to go back to a restaurant. My waiter pointed out what the new items were and one of the new items is called the "OC Fire Station 18 50/50 Soup" which, according to their menu, is, "A combination of our albondigas and tortilla soups and a favorite with the Crew from Fire Station 18." Very fitting to be eating the fire station crew's favorite soup so soon after the fire. Hey, if I can't be a heroic fireman I can at least eat like one.

Rose Canyon Cantina and Grill - 50/50 Soup

Some of the other new items were shrimp enchiladas and spinach enchiladas, or you can combine them and get shrimp and spinach enchiladas. In sticking with the 50/50 theme I went for the shrimp and spinach enchiladas: "2 corn tortillas filled and rolled with spinach and shrimp, then covered with our salsa blanco especial and topped with melted jack cheese:"

Rose Canyon Cantina and Grill - Shrimp and Spinach Enchiladas

And I enjoyed once again their wonderful flan:

Rose Canyon Cantina and Grill - Flan

The following picture is of the sign you don't want to see if you are trying to get there, but at least it gives you the phone number to call if you really get lost. If you use the Yahoo! Map feature above you can input the address of your starting destination and you'll get very accurate directions to Rose Canyon Cantina and Grill, as I did. They are simpler than you might think but once you arrive you'll feel comfortably removed from the hustle and bustle of typical Orange County life.

Rose Canyon Cantina and Grill - Wrong Way Signage

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