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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Flan Fiesta


Was just invited by another flickr member to include one of my flan photos (it's the picture which is seen above, and which will be featured in a coming review here; five Speedy Gonzaleses to the first person to correctly guess what Orange County Mexican restaurant it is from) in her flan photo group. I checked out the slideshow and it was a feast for the eyes. There are over 200 photos in it so far, some of which show examples of chocolate flan, strawberry flan, coconut flan, pear flan, cherry flan, Hawaiian flan, Valentine's flan, Halloween flan, green flan, musical flan, Star of David flan, duck flan, stairstep flan, Hello Kitty flan, Picasso flan (that's what I'm calling the one shaped like a cube), seashell flan, one that appears to be carrot-chocolate flan, another that appears to be avocado flan topped with salsa, shaved ice flan, and others that words simply fail to describe. Well worth the look:

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