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Monday, January 14, 2008

Del Taco Breakfast

I realize this is the third Del Taco-related post in less than two weeks but a lot of people have been searching lately for information on breakfast at Del Taco. Del Taco has had a variety of breakfast burritos available for quite some time at reasonable prices and a couple years ago they added a breakfast quesadilla and more recently some locations began offering a "Big Fat Breakfast Taco." They also offer hashbrown sticks and orange juice or coffee to round out the morning menu which is available each day until 11am.



elmomonster said...

I gotta admit...I've eaten a lot of Del Taco for breakfast -- love the stuff...of course, about an hour later, I regret it.

Johnny Automatic said...

Hey Elmo,

I too am a frequent Del Taco visitor for breakfast. I don't feel so bad getting a burrito wen so many times the car in front of me is just getting the gigantic Coke.