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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rosa's Cantina - The Non-Review

Why am I doing an entry on a restaurant that doesn't exist? It's because people are constantly searching for information on a restaurant called "Rosa's Cantina." Sometimes the searches are for "rosa's cantina trabuco canyon" or "rosa's cantina santiago canyon" or "rosa's cantina tustin." To my knowledge there is no restaurant in Orange County named Rosa's Cantina (although a "Rosa's Cantina" is mentioned in the famous Marty Robbins song "El Paso" and that could be influencing people's searches), but there is a Rose Canyon Cantina & Grill in Trabuco Canyon and there is a Taco Rosa in Newport Beach and one on the Irvine side of the Tustin Marketplace. We have plenty of information on each. Click either or both links to read more:

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