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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Taco Rosa February 2008 Specials & Blog Contest

(Contest winners are announced at the end of this entry.)



Caldo de Salmón
"Fresh salmon soup with salmon chunks, chayote squash, zucchini, tomatoes, garlic and onion."



Paella Mexicana
"Jumbo shrimp, mussels & clams with spicy sausages and sautéed duck breast in a saffron-clam juice rice with red and green peppers and onions."

Costillitas de Puerco al Chipotle
"Juicy pork ribs in a chipotle barbecue sauce, served with cole slaw, borracho beans & baby carrots."



Crema Flameada de Mango
"Tableside burnt cream with mango slices," basically this is a mango creme bruleé and they burn the sugar on top for you with a blowtorch at your table (still from a safe distance though).


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I've got three gift certificates to send out to three lucky winners. The gift certificates are buy one lunch/get one lunch free deals good at either Taco Rosa location. To enter e-mail your answers to the three following questions and your name and snail mail address to by 11:59pm Tuesday, February 5. Three winners will be drawn at random from all correct entries and announced on February 6. A gradated system will be used. For instance: if only one entrant gets all three questions right then that entrant automatically wins one of the three certificates. The remaining two certificates would then go to entries drawn from those who got only two questions correct (extrapolate from there).

  • What is the name of Taco Rosa's sister Mexican restaurant chain?
  • Name one dessert from their catering menu that is not on their restaurant menu
  • What kind of aguas fresca did I (Christian "the blogger") search for for months and eventually encountered only one time?
Answers can be found at this blog or at Taco Rosa's Official Site. This contest is being run by this blog and not by Taco Rosa.
Well, we actually have four winners of the two-for-one lunch certificate. They are:

  • Alyssa T. - Tustin
  • Jay P. - Foothill Ranch
  • David N. - Santa Ana
  • Bing B. - Irvine
Congratulations to all four winners!


nocturne1 said...

woohoo! looking forward to having an amazing lunch! :)

nocturne1 said...

Used my buy-one-get-one-free coupon for lunch today - both of us had that February rib special.

Now I absolutely love Taco Rosa, and they typically have incredible takes on any dish they have. But this one... just wasn't impressive to me.

The quality of the ingredients was great, the amount of food was huge, and I would have been happy to have been served this in any BBQ restaurant. But this didn't seem to have any Mexican flair at all. There was no chipotle flavor to the sauce - no spiciness at all. Just a plain BBQ sauce. The cole slaw was just plain as well. The beans seemed to be under-seasoned.

Not sure if we just had this on a bad day, but I generally expect more from TR. Again, nothing was bad, but just not up to their typical standards of dish creativity.