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Monday, April 28, 2008

Burn Baby Burn (Del Inferno)

No, it's not a disco inferno, it's new Del Inferno, Del Taco's new hot sauce which is apparently three times hotter than Del Scorcho. Read all about it at The Orange County Register's Fast Food Maven blog. The part you'll really want to pay attention to there is the second comment, which was left by Del Taco's PR, explaining that Del Taco will have a Del Inferno fire truck going around the LA/OC area with samples of the hot sauce for people to try. Hopefully there'll be tacos and burritos to try them on.

And here's the pertinent parts of the press release that weren't included in Nancy's post (no need to double up):

(LAKE FOREST, CA) April 28, 2008 – Del Taco fans who love to intensify their favorite food experience with a blast of hot sauce will have yet another fiery option available beginning April 28, when Del Inferno makes its debut.

According to Mimi Somerman, chief marketing officer at Del Taco: "A little Del Inferno goes a long way and we're certainly meeting the needs of our spice-loving customers looking for a bigger, bold taste."

To put Del Inferno to the test, the company is offering a free case of the new hot sauce to fire stations in the communities where the company operates.*

"We want to share this big bold flavor with those who face real heat every day," added Somerman.

Del Taco now offers four different kinds of packaged sauces—mild, Del Scorcho and Del Inferno. The fourth? Ketchup, of course!

To introduce the new sauce to southern California, Del Taco's decked-out Del Inferno fire truck will be making sampling stops at beaches, fire stations, skate parks and concert venues beginning May 10 with the Fire Service Recognition Day in Los Angeles.

*To request Del Inferno hot sauce, firefighters are encouraged to email and include their station contact and mailing information.

I'll be giving Del Inferno a try when I get a chance but I'll be sure to have one of their strawberry shakes on hand when I do.

And people are already talking about Del Inferno on Yelp.

Del Inferno Official Site

NEWER UPDATE: Was actually able to try Del Inferno later on in the day during a quick stop on the way to Disneyland. I tried it on a crunchy taco and also mixed a little bit into the ketchup for my fries. And, yes, I had a strawberry shake on hand. Yes, Del Inferno is definitely hot but fortunately it didn't kill me or cause any sort of stomach upset. And it made my taco taste better.

NEWEST UPDATE: Here's some pictures from a couple of the truck stops:

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Griffin said...

I can't wait to try this!